Truth, the Great Mover

Could we actually believe that no one is denying us our good, that everything is here for us? Could we actually believe that nothing is standing in the way of our desires for life, health, love and wealth besides our own thought?

There was a statement I read this morning by Ernest Holmes that I thought really answers the question that people sometimes ask. That questions is “When will I know that I know?” Ernest writes that if we ask that question “it proves that we do not know, for when we know that we know, we can prove our knowing by doing.”

What this means to me is that when we know that we know that something is true for us, we actually go out into our world and begin acting from that place. When Patrick and I came to Kaua’i to start this Center for Spiritual Living, we didn’t ask “when will we know that we know.” We just knew and then we moved into action.

There is another point that Dr. Holmes makes when he says “A good demonstration is made when Truth, gathering Its own power, lifts one out of their environment and until that time comes, they should stay where they are in order that they may know when they have made a demonstration.”

In other words, until we have enough faith to get up with that faith and begin moving, we should stay where we are and keep working on our denials and doubts. So many times people move, quit a job or leave a relationship, thinking that they are ready for whatever it is they say they want and they end up back where they started. I did that many times in my past so I can attest to the fact that we shouldn’t move until we are moving with Spirit. We might feel a little uncomfortable, because change can be uncomfortable; but, we shouldn’t be doubtful and wishy-washy.

Dr. Holmes writes, “Principle is Absolute, and in so far as any individual can actually induce, within consciousness, upon Principle, a definite concrete acceptance of his desire…it will manifest, even though every thought on earth had to change to compel it!”

When we are definite, when we really know that we know, when we are willing to walk out with faith, the force of the Universe has our back and pushes us to our destination with ease and grace. I remember when we took the lease on the building we are in right now. The people renting to us were nodding their heads yes, while they were saying “100 people on a Sunday! We’re not sure about that!” 

Well, we were sure about having a new building and we released all of the hows, wheres, whens and just knew it had to be now. We knew that we knew, including knowing that all the finances would be here when needed. Every thought on earth had to change.

I know that this Principle works. If there is something in your life that you are feeling discouraged about or if life doesn’t seem to be working for you in regards to your dreams and aspirations, it works best to stop trying so hard. You might just still have some inner work to do. You might have to learn to increase your faith. You might have to take baby steps. You might have to stay just where you until Truth, through you, gathers its own power and lifts you out of your environment.

I promise you, you will know when you know and you won’t have to jabber on about it. You’ll just begin taking steps, guided, directed and moved by confidence, faith and trust and the Universe will move with you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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