The Art of Becoming

There is a science that supports setting an intention and getting very excited about it. I’ve been proving this over and over during the last 20 years of my life. What’s really significant about it is that one day after sometimes many tries and failures, you’ll wake up and find yourself living your dream. I am living proof, as are so many others that have worked this science.

What I’ve found is that we shouldn’t get discouraged over what seem like failures. The Universe is for us, and there is no such thing as a failure. What if instead we thought of  a “failure” as a direct answer to what we need to know in order to be successful. A failure is usually exposing something within ourselves that is needing changing. Our old self isn’t the one who will eventually manifest a new life.

When I give affirmative prayer surrounding an intention I have I always declared that all that needs to be embraced is embraced and all that needs to be eliminated is eliminated. Sometimes this means that those things needing to be eliminated will come right up in my face for me to make a decision about. Is it possible that when we seem to be held up or feel behind in life that it is something within ourselves that we refuse to make a decision about or which we refuse to let go of?

This all makes so much sense to me, and as I look back on my life and where I am now, I can see that all my so-called failures have just been signs along the road that have brought me closer and closer to my true self, the one that finally is able to surrender and claim that life I’ve been too small to live before that. I am not the same person who is living the new life.

The snag for many of us is that we have to feel our new life before it happens. The mystics have always told us that it is the feeling behind our intentions that bring them to life and form and color. It’s not about trying to make something happen or forcing the plant out of the ground. It is about unfolding, surrendering and loving our life and ourselves right where we are and just opening up more and more everyday to the Field of unlimited possibilities.

Again, in order to do this, we have to let go of who we were and become something new. This takes courage. It is not easy to let go before you know what’s coming next, but It is the only way the path opens. Actually it is already open, but your old self cannot see it. It takes new eyes.

So, if you feel slow or blocked in your life and your ability to demonstrate what you say you want, I invite you to look within and acknowledge who is really looking for that new life. It is said that we cannot have something that we cannot become. That becoming is spiritual, mental and emotional. Once we get really disciplined about this, just watch what happens. In the meantime, practice makes perfect.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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