Evolving Consciousness

Last night was a spectacular night and my favorite in the courses that we teach here at Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. It was the final night of a ten week class and the presentation of the participants final projects. I sat amazed and so proud of these 13 individuals who brought forward their hearts, minds and souls in a sharing that was authentic, transparent, and inspiring.

Each shared their individualized journey that was remembered because of the work they did in this class – “The Essential Ernest Holmes.” The topic was “Cosmic Consciousness.”

If you do not know who Ernest Holmes is, he was the 20th Century mystic, teacher, speaker, author and Founder of the movement called Religious Science. He synthesized a lifetime of his study of all the world philosophies, religions and much more into one beautiful teaching: Love and Law, in order to assist people to live their highest state of being on this earth plane.

This is what I witnessed last night and every time, I experience those who choose to truly evolve their consciousness. The beautiful thing is that there is nothing dogmatic about it, and last night was proof of that. Each presentation I witnessed allowed me to peek into the individual life and evolution of a beautiful soul on its journey back to its truest and highest Self. There was not one moment that was the same, not one moment that was uniform. It was multiplicity at its best and most exciting.

Evolving our consciousness is not a rush job, it is a lifetime journey. It is something we do for ourselves. No one can do it for us. I am grateful for this journey as my life. I am grateful for all the beautiful souls I meet on the path. I am grateful for the 13 people who showed up to join Patrick and I for the past ten weeks. We evolved consciousness together and because we did, the world is a better place.

This month at CSL Kaua’i we are rising up in Sacred Service. What better place to start then in Sacred Service to one’s self by being willing to give one’s self the time and place to evolve and grow. I am grateful.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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