To Change or Not to Change

Change is inevitable. There is nothing we can do to stop it. We either change or we stagnate. What is change? It isn’t fickleness or jumping from one philosophy to another. It isn’t about starting and leaving relationships. It’s not about switching jobs. These might be some of the results of change, but change is more than all of this. It starts within us.

At one time all we could do was walk from place to place. Then we rode horses and made carriages. After that cars came about. At one time, we conceived of crossing the oceans. We went from rafts and canoes to gigantic ocean liners. We conceived of flying from place to place and air flight was born. We traveled into space. We’ve alway been changing and evolving. I believe that one day we will just think ourselves to where we want to go. Remember in Star Trek when they were able to dematerialize and materialize wherever they wanted to go? We couldn’t have thought of that if it weren’t possible. More than likely there are people already doing this.

Change is not always easily accepted. Some of us get stuck in our ways. Sometimes, change takes learning something new and we do not like it. I remember when we went from what I think was called html to Windows. I actually fought not having to put those codes f1, f2, etc in. I resisted Windows. Crazy, but it is true; change is inevitable, yet our tendency is to resist it. That’s what’s happening now in our world. We have to make changes in order to heal our planet, bring peace, etc. The old ways are not working anymore, yet we resist.

On a smaller scale, we are going through a lot of changes at Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. As we enter our sixth year here, we are having to change and expand. We need a new larger space. This takes thinking bigger and out of the box. We’ve had to release dogs from our Center for various reasons, for the good of the whole. Some fought this and it wasn’t easy to take a stand on what we knew was a good change. Change means we have to be willing to take a stand.

For the first time ever, we’ve had to make a change in our music program. In the past, most of the time the changes came from someone else deciding to go on and leave us. Now, we’ve had to grow our music, and we are fortunate to have found a team of musicians who want to grow with us. This is a change for all of us. We believe it is a good one, but still it is difficult. When change and expansion comes, it doesn’t make everyone happy. However, when it comes, it comes and we can’t stop it. We get to jump onboard or we can choose something else.

What I’ve stated above are still the results of change. There is something deeper happening for all of us. We are coming to a huge transition as a species. I believe we’ve been here before, in fact, probably more than once. I am knowing that this change will come with ease and grace, that we will have learned our lessons and realize that we do have to do things differently to energetically go through this change and come out the other side as a higher order of beings.

In order to do this, we cannot wait for the higher level of consciousness. Consciousness comes first; then change. So there is where it all begins. Consciousness! There is not way around it and the only place to begin is within. The good thing to know is that there is something within us that is the Changeless. It is the essence of our being, our Spirit that takes us through change with ease and grace if we let it to work through us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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