Ask for a Sign

There is a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation called “The Morning Meditation.” I do it quite often because it allows me to set the intention for my day while I am in a meditative state. At the end of the meditation, he encourages us to ask for a sign from our Greater Mind – the Divine Mind that will show Cause in our life and present itself in a way that we are certain it came from that Mind – that it will be surprising and that we will be sure from whence it came.

Well, I have to be amused because I had not even finished the meditation when suddenly I heard a loud banging coming from inside the house. My husband was screaming, “Get the tongs!” Yes it was a centipede in the bathroom. He saw it and then it crawled under the counter. He demanded it show itself (no one wants a hidden centipede in their home), and it came crawling back out. My husband was safe and the centipede was sent to its next incarnation.

Was this my sign? It certainly came in an unexpected way. We are equal to everything that shows up in our lives. Well, yes, I do believe it was a message from the Divine Mind. I have noticed this message every time a centipede shows up in my life. I am always warned. It shows itself, allowing me to protect myself. I am always guarded, guided and protected.

As far as asking for signs, some might argue that this is pleading with an outside Power. For me, it is just saying “Show that Cause is operating in my life. Let me know where my consciousness is and whether or not I truly believe that this Power works through me.” The more we make contact with the Divine within in our meditations and Spiritual Mind Treatments (Affirmative Prayer), the more our lives will reflect that we are living from a higher state of consciousness.

Some might argue that being warned of a centipede is a trifle in the Mind that maketh it all. However, “there is not big or small,” and if you’ve ever been bit by a centipede (I have), you would beg to differ.

However, Spirit wasn’t done with me yet. It wasn’t even 6:30am when the neighbor came over asking us to come to pray. Her husband had just made his transition and she wanted a prayer over with them before the mortuary came to take his body away. What a Holy moment! What an honor to be in service in this way. Cause is operating in my life.

I do believe that we show up just where we are needed when we are needed should we care to trust and have faith in the footstep that walks us on this earth plane. I am grateful for this Power that works through me and for me at all times and guides my path deeper into a brand new life at all times.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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