Whom Will You Serve?

Whom shall I serve? Do you remember the Bible passage? “Choose this day whom you shall serve.” The answer is “As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord.” I love reading everything from a metaphysical/metaphorical standpoint. I love the idea that I can interpret what I read from my own consciousness, and not rely on just words as spoken or written. I understand that I hear and listen from where I am in consciousness.

So, when I think of the question “Whom shall I serve?” and when I think of the answer “As for me and my house, I shall serve the Lord.” I remember that my house is my own mind, not an actual physical abode. I understand that serving the Lord is serving the God or Higher Self or Christ within me. I do not translate it as an outside Being. It is my very own Being, and it is the Presence of all who choose to commune with it.

In reality, I am serving Truth, and Truth is serving me. There was a woman named Annie Besant (a Theosophist) who stated that the Law was a taskmaster to the wise and a servant to the wise. I choose to be the wise and I know that there is a Power that responds to me and serves me as I serve and trust it.

In order to do this, I must stop becoming fixated on the material world and what I am seeing as reality. I must realize that all I see is my perception of reality. I get to change my reality, as I change my perception from within. If I choose to see ugliness, that will be my view. If  I choose to see beauty all around me, that will be my view. The material world is the servant of my mind and not the opposite. I can choose to perceive in any way I choose, and so can you.

Prayer and meditation are tools that I use to sharpen my perception. They assist me in the practice of going within and releasing those beliefs and perceptions that are not serving me. I use the tool of Spiritual Mind Treatment to direct my mind. I just state what it is that I want to know, knowing it is already there in the Field. My Word brings it forth into form. When I am in that state and then go into meditation I am able to receive in a deeper sense from a deeper place, released from the material.

So, whom shall I serve? Really, I am a servant only in the sense that I bring my mind as an open vessel and allow the Infinite to respond to my openness. My mind/consciousness is the server and the served. Really cause and effect are one thing. You cannot separate them. We are causing effect at all times.

I am no longer a materialist. Although I love the material world and all the amazing experiences I get to have in it, I am not a slave to it, nor do I serve it. It serves me and I can enjoy it, overcome it if necessary by changing my perspective about anything at anytime. I can live as a master of my life here on this earth plane. We all can.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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