Who’s Doing Your Taxes Anyway?

I’ve been doing our personal taxes for over eighteen years on a tax program that has always worked for me. The last couple of years our taxes have become more complex and my husband and I kept saying, we need to hire an accountant, if for no reason other than there are better ways for Rev. Rita to spend her time then in this complicated task. Well, for the second or third year in a row, we procrastinated again. We meant to, but we just didn’t get around to  hiring an accountant. So, it was yesterday with three more days to file that I ran into a stumbling block on the program that had always been my ally. I made some kind of error I couldn’t fix that stopped me from filing.

That being said, what happened next is what I really want to write about. Yesterday, I found myself in a terrible state of anxiety. I kept treating and trying. Treating and trying, but to no avail. I should have known that my treatments were neutralized, by the anxiety that I couldn’t quite surrender. I thought I was doing my spiritual work, but really, I was what we call spiritually by-passing my anxiety.

The next thing I did was reach out. “Someone, please save me! SOM (Save our minister)!” I even entered an account’s office unannounced and asked the receptionist if this particular accountant could get me out of my last-minute emergency. Oh, no, I refused to file an extension. I was outlining my outcome all the way. I don’t know how many people I encountered that heard my woeful tale yesterday. Really, as I look back at it, it was both comical and pitiful. I glad I have such a great sense of humor when it comes to myself.

So, last night after another sweaty try at it while Spiritually by-passing all the way, I failed again. I finally said, I’m done with this tonight. I’ll eat my dinner, go to sleep and treat again. I know an answer is here. I let go of the outcome as best I could.

It wasn’t until I woke up in at 3am that the solution came. I was prompted to go into a meditation and not come out until my state of mind had changed, and not until then would I proceed. When I came out of the meditation over an hour later, ending it with a spiritual mind treatment, my answer came.  I had what I call: embodiment. I knew with a certainty that help was here, that I was capable, and whomever had to show up seen or unseen, these taxes are filed and I am celebrating and toasting as I push the file button. Two hours later it was done with ease and grace.

I tell you this story so you’ll understand what I had forgotten for a moment. Yes, ministers forget too sometimes when they get stubborn like I can be. There is a Power that works through all of us that we can rely on it. When we really align ourselves with this power, surrender our ego, and let go of the how’s, is when we demonstrate. Really, I didn’t care who needed to come in and help me, I just knew that I was capable and that if there was aid needed it was here.

On a side note, as I felt myself come down after a day of severe stress, I had to de-stress myself. It was then that I realized the truth of how stress can put severe hardship on our bodies. I only experienced the turmoil for one day. I can only imagine what people are doing to themselves who go through stress day in and day out and do not have their spiritual tools to deal with it.

Are we bringing our challenges to a Higher Power or are we bringing our Higher Power to our challenges. For me, I must bring my Higher Power to my challenges.  It is Infinite Mind/Intelligence and an Energy of Attraction that I work with – Cause and Effect! Bringing First Cause to my taxes, opened up the avenue for a resolution.

Oh, and as far as hiring an Accountant? Yes, first Cause will do that too before the week is out.

Thanks for listening. I trust my rant and resolution will assist someone out there.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Who’s Doing Your Taxes Anyway?

  1. Really great post, Rev.!

    After what I discovered years ago about Rev. Mike’s tax returns – and the journey of correcting all that was done incorrectly – I have some insight into clergy tax that I would love to share with you if you’re interested. I also have a recommendation for an accounting firm.

    Lots of love to you and Rev. Patrick.


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