What if You Never Had to Worry Again?

Worry is a state of being that has been practiced and cultivated sometimes for a lifetime, and it might take more than moment to release the patterns of worry.

When I was five years old my kindergarten teacher wrote on one of my reports, “She’s a worry wart.” I can’t imagine what I could have worried about at five years old, but it must have been obvious enough for Mrs. Zuckerman to write that to my parents. Patterns of thoughts are created unconsciously at an early age. Little children are very susceptible to the beliefs of others and their beliefs are formed in the early years of life.

I think I worried most of my life about one thing or another. It wasn’t until I came to understand that worry was a way of being that came from a belief that I could be deserted, that the worse could happen at any time. It came from a lack of faith and trust in my world. I had been trained to worry for many years dragged around by what I thought owned me. Of course, I wasn’t conscious of this at the time. It was my natural state of being..

What I’ve discovered is that beliefs can be changed and that beliefs are a choice. The challenge for me was that I had been in a state of worry for a long time. It doesn’t just go away. There was a hard-wired program in place. I had to learn to meditate. I had to learn how to change my state of being through study, affirmative prayer, and going within over and over again until I came out the other side in a new state of being.

Now it is easier. When a belief comes up that is not serving me, I have the tools to catch it and change it more quickly. The tool that never fails is my self-identity with the Power greater than myself. It informs me that all is well. When, I consciously acknowledge it, it acknowledges me. I am not alone. All the Power of the Universe resides within me.

I can’t say I am in this state of being all the time. I do get dragged back out into the material world of time and space, as I did yesterday (read my blog of April 13.) However, I have tools now that I know work, but I have to choose to use them. I have to understand and prove that spiritual thought force is greater than material existence.

There could never possibly be anything worth worrying about when we know that there is a Power that is holding the whole Universe in balance and harmony and we get to use it in our own personal lives. No matter what is happening around us in material form, our individual mind is the point at which we can move that Power in our own life. Call it Divine, call it Science, call it whatever we want; It is right here where we are and we are all connected it in it. There is nothing that happens to us that doesn’t happen through us. We are the ones that can release ourselves from any prison we’ve created for ourselves.

Does this sound too simple? Does it sound too good to be true? Really, it is simple. It is not too good to be true. The only glitch is that we have to take the time to do it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev Rita

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