Go for It! Decide

Over the last year, I’ve slowly collected a set of crystal singing bowls. I have felt the call to play them. I’ve never played crystal bowls in my life, but something deep within me said, “Do it!” For the past month, I’ve brought them out into my community and shared this gift with others. I’ve practiced. Tonight, I’m doing a healing service with them.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that when we are prompted to do something, we should follow it. Even if we do not feel totally equipped to do that thing, what I know is that the doors will open to assist us. If we are clear in intention and take the first step, the Energy Field answers yes and we find ourselves doing something we once just dreamed about. It’s how CSL Kaua’i was created.

It’s important to me to make my dreams a reality. It is important to me to actually take the action, to step out in faith. I might fail, or not do something as well as someone else thinks I should, but I will have done my best. I will have lived my dream. I will have not left a stone unturned.

Many of us are called everyday to take action on something. It might be a simple urge, nothing big. It might be to pick up the phone and call someone or to walk down a different street. It might be something bigger like to begin to write that book we’ve put off or to tell someone who we have an idea that they might be interested in. If we wait to make sure first, or wait for perfection, we probably will never do it. If we move ahead and follow the prompting, the worst that could happen is someone might say no, or we might have to make another decision. It might even take us down a totally different road.

Life works best for me when I make definite decisions and act on them. When I do, there is an energy that comes through me that pushes me to my destination like the wind in my sails. What seem like miracles occur. Doors open. Life expands.

How do I know it is the right decision? I do not believe there is a right decision; however, there is my decision, one that I believe in enough to say yes to, to step into the unknown with. No one can tell me if it is right or wrong. I am the one who knows, but I won’t know if I don’t step out.

If you are in the midst of deciding something, I invite you to not procrastinate. Sometimes people say, I’m waiting for Spirit to tell me what to do. You are Spirit and you are the one who knows what to do and when to do it. You have all the guidance within that you will ever need. Trust yourself and the Universe will trust you also.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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