Time to Rise

It’s Easter Sunday all over the world. It’s Passover all over the world. We get to choose to celebrate it all or none of it. We are always at choice. I’m celebrating all of it because I understand behind it all is one thing and that is the desire to rise up into something new. Jesus rose up into a new life and showing us what we are capable of. The Israelites had the faith and trust in their God to leave their familiar life in slavery for something more. It was time for each to do their next step in order to rise up into the new.

I believe that we get to do this every single day. We do not have to die literally nor do we have to leave where we are. Rising up is a state of consciousness and we all have the capability. The question is will we? Can we leave behind the familiar when it isn’t serving us and have the courage to step into the unknown. Can we trust that when we choose to make a change that there is a Power that backs us 100% of the way.

I’ve experienced this Power. I’ve experienced the fear of letting go and trusting the unknown. I’ve been pushed and I’ve been pulled by the opinions of others and had to stand in my truth even when I wasn’t supported by others.  I’ve experienced stepping into my true self again and again. I’ve experienced the choices that I make supported by the Universe, even though they weren’t supported by others. I am always grateful that I made the changes I needed to in my life.

One thing I’ve learned, because I’ve made what we would call mistakes, too, is that we have to wait until we are sure in consciousness before we make the change. We have to be willing to step out in faith from a higher point of view. We know if we have faith or not. We know when we have conviction in our choices.

How do we rise up in consciousness. It is practice. It is sometimes quick and it is sometimes long and tedious years of trial and error. But, what I know is that it takes a death of the old life in order to do it. We have to be willing to become a new person, a new personality. I know I am not the same Rita I was even a day ago. I am always rising up even if I fall for a moment. We can turn our challenges into wisdom.

I’m excited about today and its meaning in my life. I don’t think it is as important that we believe in all the stories of this day, as it is that we understand the message behind the stories. Jesus taught in parables. The Bible was written by people who interpreted it through their own consciousness. Now it is our turn to do that interpreting for ourselves, to gain from the stories what is ours to gain. To take what it is true for us and to leave behind what isn’t. It’s the test of a good story. Are we better for having read it? Does it bring change for the good to our life? Whatever makes us rise into harmony and love can never fail us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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