Creating the New Me

When you wake up in the morning, do you decide what your day is going to be like? Do you plan out how you are going to feel in each moment, how you are going to show up? Or, upon waking up do you have no particular thought besides that you’ll see how it goes or you’ll see what shows up? Maybe you are just doing the same thing you do everyday whatever that is.

What I am coming to learn more and more clearly is that I am in charge of my day, how I am going to feel in it, and what I am going to do when and if I meet a challenge. I get to decide how my day is going to unfold. I know this because I know that whatever shows up, I am going to meet that something with something big and juicy and unlimited, which is my God self?

I am powerful and so are you. We have the opportunity everyday to prove this to ourselves by rising above the material world and creating our lives from an inner action. In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we would call it “the play of life upon Itself.” In quantum science we would call it broadcasting our state of being into the field and allowing it to come back to us as experience. We are creating our reality by our perceptions in every moment. We can do it by default or we can do it consciously. I choose to do it consciously.

It takes a decision of clarity to do this. It takes a decision that we are done with the beliefs that have held us in place for so long and another decision to believe something different. It takes being willing to go into a state of inner quiet, meditation or self-reflection and not come out again until our state of being is changed. I know it is possible because I’ve practiced it and I am getting better and better at it because of practice.

We cannot expect to create the life we desire by staying and thinking the same and we can’t expect to change the way we think by just trying to think positive thoughts.  I understand that 95% of our mind is a subconscious program that has been playing, for some of us, for a very long time. How can we expect to change that program without taking the time to work on it, to meditate, affirm, do Spiritual Mind Treatment, give gratitude as if it has already happened, and then bring it all into action.

No matter what our past was or we think we are destined to be in the future, no matter what we are experiencing right now, we can change it by creating a new state of being that becomes a new habit.

I am not the same person I was twenty years ago, ten years ago, even yesterday. Our teaching is called New Thought because it is by thinking new thoughts we get to create a new life any time. It’s actually nothing new because we have been told this for thousands of years by every mystic that has walked this earth and now by the quantum science. I believe we are finally catching on. A new world is being born and it is beginning within the soul of each individual as they connect inwardly to the great whole where we all reside.

We are not our bodies. We are not our minds. We are pure energy living in a field of pure energy, living in the reality that we have created and can create more of or uncreate and recreate in any moment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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