Do You Know?

Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know that within you is everything you could ever require to live an amazing life? Do you know that even in the midst of challenge you can turn them into opportunities for wisdom and growth?

The Universe is always conspiring for our highest good. The Universe is always on our side. Everything that happens, happens for us and through us. There is nothing out of place in the grand scheme of things. We are affecting our lives in every moment. We are causing effect. We can change the effect that we see in front of us by changing our perception of it.

I have come to realize that I have done just this. I know longer look at things the same way. I am never a victim. I am a champion of love. I had a little example of this the other night. I was on a walk with a friend and we were talking earnestly, while at the same time walking his dogs. Suddenly, I lost my footing on a dip in the sidewalk and went flying in my flip-flops. If you’ve ever fell, perhaps you know that feeling of knowing just less than a second before it happens that you are in the funnel and must see it through to the end. Well, I landed hard on my knee, startling the dogs and my friend. I got up and just started screaming, “Treat! Treat! Treat!” (That is our form of prayer) He did, and then we went in the house to attend to my knee physically. We call that “Treat and move your feet.” Someone might ask, “Well, why didn’t the mound just heal right then, instantaneously?” The only answer I can give is: I believe in process. I suffered a little pain and a surface wound, but I’m fine.

I really don’t know why I fell, nor do I care to go on an inner hunt to figure it out. What is more important to me and what I always tell my clients that come to me for counseling, it doesn’t matter why it happened, but it is more important to decide what you re going to do now. If there is a reason to know the mental cause, it shall be known, but it is more important to love yourself even more. Everything is either love or a call for love. I believe this was a call for love for me. I’ve been working in the area of self-love lately and nurturing my inner child. Interestingly, my wound is right where I had a faint scar from long ago when I fell as a child.

The Universe is always calling us home. We are one with the great whole. Life is an amazing school of the Spirit. We are here to awaken our humanity to our Divinity. Whatever we desire in the way of experience, we must live it first mentally and emotionally and continue to see it and be grateful for it as already done.

My little trip in my flip-flops was just a reminder not to flip-flop through life, but make even stronger and more focused attention to show up as love for myself every day. My friend gave me plenty of love that night in the way of encouragement and attending to my physical wound, but it was me that had to give myself the love that really mattered, the only love that is there always even when others are not – Self-Love!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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