Happy Birthday, Rev. Patrick Feren

It is such a gift to share my life and my life’s work with this great Spiritual Being, Patrick Feren. I honor him today on his birthday.

I met Patrick in 1997 in the state of New Mexico in the city of Albuquerque. I was married to someone else with whom I had raised three beautiful children. Patrick was an acting teacher in New Mexico and I was an actress. I enrolled in his school after a series of synchronistic moments, and this is what I learned from him at the age of 43: I was unlimited. Of course, his company was called Unlimited Productions.

He introduced all of his students to their greatness. He was an unusual acting teacher in that he began his critiques of our work with what we were doing right and built on that. He taught us to never give up on our dreams. He took us to the City of Angeles (Los Angeles) and set each of us on the road back to ourselves. Some of us became actors; one particular person (I) became a minister.

After living life with Patrick for twenty years, I can say that he continues to bring out the best in all of us. He is a master teacher of children because he is a child. He is a child in the real sense of the word – open, receptive, curious and filled with imagination and fun. We all find our child in his presence.

Saying “I love you, Patrick,” is not even enough words to express the depths of my heart connection to this beautiful being. I am so grateful and blessed that our paths crossed and that I was brave enough to accept a new life with him. It hasn’t been the easiest of paths in the world of form, but because we grew in Spiritual Truth along the sometimes treacherous path, we were and are able to open up to more and more of the blessings of life here on this earth plane. We have truly had a joyous journey, filled with discovery, wonder and love – an unlimited life.

Happy Birthday, Rev. Patrick. I am knowing another year of brand new discoveries for you, the blessed life of health, love overflowing in every relationship, more and more prosperity flowing through you, and especially the flowing forth of all the creative endeavors that intuit through you in your writing, ministry and life.

Love, Your Esposa,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rev. Patrick Feren

  1. A beautiful tribute to your Love and Patrick’s life “in form”.
    I can relate, as my now husband of 30 years and I met as youth group advisors at the then Thousand Oaks Church of Religious Science, now the Center for Spiritual Living Westlake Village.
    Thank you for your sharing !
    Happy Birthday Patrick !
    María and Stan Green


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