The Lion shall lay with the lamb…

I am so grateful for the change in consciousness that occurred yesterday. In celebration of the National Day of Prayer, the many diverse Faiths of Kaua’i came together with one intention to pray for our country, our leaders, and to remember the greatest commandment – to love one another.

I’ve lived here on Kaua’i for six years and have attended this event every year. It was always good, but there were always two events because one Faith on the Island insisted on having their own event and not joining with all Faiths. I am a believer in religious freedom.  I would be assuming to state why they feel this way, but for me, I feel it enforces the world-wide belief in separation from each other, the outcome being religious strife and war.

However, this year was different. Our Mayor Derek Kawakami took a stand concerning this event. He demanded that there would be one event only on the government premises (where both groups have met each year), and that we would all come together in peace and share our diverse prayers of love. He even asked us to pray with certain intentions – the guidance for our leaders, safety in our waters, homelessness, peace in our nation, for those who are depressed and suicidal, our children and families, etc. We sang, we prayed and held the consciousness of love together for a world that works for everyone.

Here is what I know about this: the Mayor took a stand. He did something that perhaps was not popular with all, but he did it anyway because he knew it was for the good of the whole and the progress of our positive development as a Island. If we cannot stand together in love in our differences, what power do we have when it comes to solving the issues that face us in the world of form as an Island as a world?

Love is the greatest healing energy. I feel that what happened yesterday was a step in the direction of approaching our issues from their spiritual causes rather than putting a bandaid on the conditions that face us. Spiritual solutions were embraced yesterday and a change in consciousness occurred. We all worshipped as one. One God was present yesterday in our hearts.

Now, I trust that we will take off from here. that we will take this into our lives and continue to practice love and acceptance of our differences, realizing that truly we all have one goal and that is to reveal the Presence of the Divine in our lives, and in doing so, create a better world for ourselves and our children.

It is time for us to take a stand for love. The lion and the lamb laid down together yesterday. Anything is possible with love. I am so grateful.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “The Lion shall lay with the lamb…

  1. How wonderful. I didn’t know any group was not participating. I am grateful for the Mayor’s stand. Thank you and Patrick for representing CSL at this important unifying event. – Diana


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