To Be Surprised or Not to Be Surprised…

Many times when we have a demonstration about something that we’ve been really wanting, we’ll say something like “I’m so surprised.” or “I can’t believe it!” or “Wow! How did that happen?” One way or the other we are shocked. We just can’t fathom it, but we are grateful, so grateful.

I have come to learn that we should not be surprised at all if our desires demonstrate. It is the natural effect of our choices and the way we use our mind. As I’ve always stated it, they are not miracles; they are normacles. We are in the flow of life, we are focused on our good and our good flows. Healings occur. unexpected events unfold in a seeming miraculous way. Again, this should be our normal way of being.

If things are not transpiring in the way that we want or if we’ve treated (given a Spiritual Mind Treatment) for something or someone and the result is not what we envisioned, then we have work to do. It is a sign that our consciousness has not been changed. It’s all consciousness, you know. It has to change before the world of effect changes. A changed consciousness brings a new life. So, it is time to go back within and re-emphasize what we want to believe, even though the world doesn’t show us it.

Then there are those times when we’ve been treating for something and everything seems to be getting worse and worse. My life was like this when I first entered this Science. It seemed that I was experiencing more lack and couldn’t seem to free myself from it. However, I kept at it. I kept going within and reaffirming what I wanted to experience. When the opposite showed up, it was a sign that something needed to be relearned. When I came to accept it all as an answer to my Spiritual Mind Treatment, I had something to work with.  As the teacher and author, Raymond Charles Barker wrote, when the negative thoughts come up, they are only coming up because they want to be released. This changes the whole way I look at it.

I am grateful for the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and the way it can shift energy, unveil the dark so I can see it and release it, and the way in which it allows me to direct the Law of my being with the Word I speak. It truly creates an avenue of Light where everything is seen and can be released.

In the end, it all comes up to our decision to change. With no decision, nothing can change. If we decide that something is going to work, it works. The opposite is also true. Everything is mind, begins in mind and is all mind. Mind is reflected in the way our brain works, which is reflected in the way our bodies work. We are constantly either drawing things to us or repelling them.

I love the science of all of it. It is mystical and an amazing journey of unfoldment. It works in us and through us and it is not surprise at all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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