Did I Create This?

If you are going to read this blog, please read it all the way through. If not, you might misinterpret my words and the teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit.

Did I create this? This is a question that is asked in the field of Mental Science by many. What those who as it interpret as the answer many times angers them, and they run away from a beautiful teaching. This sometimes happens because those who are in the teaching are giving distorted answers to the question: Did I create this?

Well, let’s ask the question. Did we create our illness, our lack of wealth, our husband or wife leaving us, what we conceive as our messy life? These are all forms of dis-ease. The answer to this question is both yes and no. And, I as one who have experienced much in my life both pleasant and unpleasant, am not ashamed to say it.

Here’s how it goes according to the Science of Mind and Spirit. We do not create anything. Everything is already a possibility in the Field, the One Mind. We do, however, create the way we experience this life. We have ideas, beliefs, perceptions and we are looking through the looking glass of our own mind.

Dis-ease is neither person, place or thing. It doesn’t belong to our True Selves. We do not create specific diseases. In fact, we couldn’t. However, we could create an avenue through which we can experience dis-ease by being in a constant state of stress or fear or walking through life hating ourselves. We are living in an atmosphere, where for the most part we believe we can experience dis-ease. What would be the consequence of this type of thinking?

Ernest Holmes wrote that “Diseases which are mental in their origin must arise from some inner state of consciousness. While most disease must first have a subjective cause, this subjective cause (nine times out of ten) is not conscious in the thought of the person who suffers from it, but is perhaps largely the result of certain combinations of thinking. …The individual who suffers from the disease, frequently has never thought he/she was going to have that particular kind of trouble. But this does not alter the fact that every disease which comes up through subjectivity and appears in the body, must come through mind.”

This is nothing different than what is stated in the new science of Quantum Physics. We know that states of being coming from stress, anger, resentment, suppressed desires and more wreak havoc on our bodies. The constant state of being in stress is not our normal state of being and our bodies cannot take it. You can read more about this by picking up books written by those who practice and teach Quantum Physics.

So, this all being said, now let’s leave it behind. It’s not going to allow us to claim back our health. If someone comes to me with a disease, including myself, I know that the only way to treat it is through self-love and bringing myself back to the knowing and realization that I am always perfect, whole and complete, because that is Spirit’s natural state. I can love myself back to health, wealth, joy, love and more.

Dis-ease is only an experience on the journey of the soul back to itself. Disease is not an entity; it is an experience (and a real one). We do not deny suffering. However, all is cured through love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Gratitude is such a healer.

So, to bring this all together briefly. Our natural state is wholeness. We are perfect health. Practitioners of Mental Science do not treat bodies or conditions, if they know what they are doing. Instead they realize the perfection of their patient by realizing the perfection of themselves first. The Spiritual Person is always perfect. They work alongside physicians, too. They do not tell people to stop going to their doctors. However, they stay in the realm of mind. Practitioners erase every idea of disease from their mind, and fill their hearts, minds and souls with the Truth of Being: “Perfect God…Perfect Man/Woman…Perfect Being.” When these words are embodied, they heal.

If you are feeling any sort of dis-ease in your life, I can give you a phrase to contemplate that works for me, “There’s only one Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life now.”

The way to health, prosperity, loving relationships and a life filled with creativity is to love yourself there. Really, you are born perfect. The thought atmosphere that you might be carrying around with you is just that – an atmosphere of thought. Thoughts can be changed because they come from beliefs that can be changed. We are not our thoughts. We are a perfect expression, an embodiment of wholeness, love. Our journey is to unveil it, reveal it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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