Good Intention or Irrevocable Decision?

What is the difference between an intention or a decision. Someone asked this question of me yesterday. I believe there is a difference. A decision is a irrevocable statement in Mind that says this is what I am expecting now. An intention leaves the possibility for another outcome. I might intend to have a great day, but then if things come up that set me in another direction my intention could go by the wayside. A decision on the other hand says that no matter what comes up, my day is still a great one.

This is a simple example, and I know it can seem like it’s all words, but it is the meaning behind the words that make the difference. This is why we must all find the words that resonate for us and evoke the feeling that corresponds to the call to action.

A decision is a call to action. If not, it is simply an intention. When we’ve made a clear and true decision about something, we must act upon it. Some people will say that they cannot act for various reasons – lack of money, the right circumstances, other people’s support, etc. This is not a decision. A decision means I am ready to act.

Action is about starting right where we are with what is already available. The one thing that is always available is our Mind and the ideas that we have. We have an infinite amount of ideas that support any decision we make. There is always something available to begin to act upon our decision. When we started Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i, we had a limited amount of funds and we had to live, too. We simply began where we were. We did the little things to get our word out. We met outside instead of in a building because we couldn’t afford the rent at the time. We acted from where we were at, always knowing what we had decided upon – a successful center – and always expected the Universe to meet us.

A decision without action is merely a wishful intention. I invite us all to make powerful decisions that are not based on what is available in the world of form, but reliant on the unlimited quantum field of possibilities. Step by step, if necessary, begin and add upon your action everyday. It is your conviction and belief in your decision that calls the Universe to action on your behalf. The Universe supports a decided mine that moves out of its dream state and takes deliberate action, backed by the belief in itself and its identity as Infinite Intelligence.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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