First Decide

I probably make hundreds of decisions everyday. Some I am not even aware of; I just do them naturally. We all make hundreds of decisions everyday: how we will dress; what we will eat; whom we will meet; what we will say in every moment; how we will spend our time; and many more.

However, we sometimes say it is hard to make a decision. We are not sure what the right decision is when it comes to the big things in life – things like a move we want to make or a job change or whether we want to leave a relationship. I’ve heard it many times, “I just don’t know.” 

The truth is, we do know. I think this quote above by H. L. Hunt is a good one. “There are only three requirements for success: First decide exactly what it is you want. Second, determine the price you are going to have to pay to get the things you want. And third, and this is most important, resolve to pay that price.”

“Decide exactly what you want.” If we decide first what it is we want, then we will walk into every situation empowered. I remember a friend asking herself what she wanted to experience before she entered any encounter. Do you know what you want in life? Can you decide on that in spite of what the circumstances look like?

When we know who we are – Divine Intelligence with the power to create our destiny, our decisions become more clear. We won’t walk through life in a happenstance way, accepting whatever comes along. We will know that we expect the best for ourselves and those we associate with. We will stand our ground in love and compassion. We will broaden our perspective and know that anything is possible.

Yes, the most important thing in any situation is to decide first what you want and then move with that decision. Life will respond accordingly. because this Universe responds by corresponding to our mind set. This is not a closed way to walk through life, it is an empowering one. A decisive mind knows itself and what it wants to experience in life.

The second suggestion by Huntley is to determine the price you are going to have to pay to get the things you want. Okay, this sounds like you are going to sacrifice something. Well, there is truth in this. Everything does come at a price, but it is not the material price. It is the price of losing our mind to something greater. We will have to give up some aspect of ourselves that is holding our good from it, whether it is our self-esteem, our lack consciousness or our belief in failure. There are many others. These are the things we will have to sacrifice. We will have to take on a whole new personality sometimes and stretch ourselves beyond what we have thought capable before. Yes, then perhaps we will be asked to do physical things like move to a different location or work longer hours. However, a move or change in job or relationship will mean nothing if our consciousness is the same.

Then, finally, we must be resolved to pay the price. Yes, we must have faith and patience in whatever we are working on. We’ve decided. We’ve made the consciousness changes. We’ve done the work. Do we have the faith to know that everything that is showing up is the manifestation of our decision, even when it might seem for a moment that we are stepping backward? Paying the price of a change in consciousness is not an overnight thing. It takes practice and repetition and reinforcement.

Decide first! Determine the price! Resolve to pay the price. These are good tools and I’m going to think about them as I make the important decisions in my life. I do know that I know and when I think I don’t know, it’s just me procrastinating. We can never make a wrong decision because there is always another decision to be made.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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