Your SSA

We all have within us an SSA and we do not have to wait to be 65 to reap its benefits. It is our Spiritual Security Account.

Do I feel secure? Do I feel safe? Do I feel like I’m always taken care of? I contemplate these questions today and everyday. What makes us feel insecure? Surely, the state of the world can add to our feelings of insecurity. Perhaps, we don’t feel safe or we wonder about our financial security, our old age, our children and their safety. There are many logical reasons based in the conditional world to feel insecurity today.

However, how is it serving us to live in this state? Do we feel safe in our insecurity? We now know that we memorize emotions in our bodies and that we get addicted to those emotions and magnetize experiences to feed them and keep them in place. I can see how this idea plays out in the feeling of insecurity.

Like all habits, this one can be broken should we decide to break it. People ask how? I know that first I have to be willing to break a habit. I have to look at it logically and affirm that it is not serving me. My beingness wants to live in joy and love. It wants to feel safe. This has to be more important to me than clinging to a feeling counter to it. Am I willing to break the habit?

Once I answer yes, then I can move forward. I know that a Law of Correspondence responds to my state of mind, but that state of mind has to come first. These thoughts of insecurity are just that memorized thoughts that are playing out emotionally and thus creating experiences of more of the same. I must change my state of mind.  I must call upon my SSA and begin to receive it.

My way of doing this is meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. I sit in quiet contemplation and commune with the higher Consciousness within. I recognize it and allow it to truly move through me in awareness. My Treatment then claims that I am always safe no matter what. I am always moving through the world with a sense of knowing that I am always expressing the Divine. It intuits through me guiding my path. I expect this to show up as my day and I turn it over to that Infinite Intelligence that makes it so. I am grateful to be alive and living a vibrant life. Then I walk out into the world from that place, I put it into action. If something comes up, and my old mind responds the same way, it is brought to my attention more quickly and I can clear it by remembering my SSA.

The world responds to me as I perceive it to be. No matter what is occurring on the outside, I can feel safe. I can feel secure. I can see the gift, the wisdom in any challenge and therefore change the experience because of my perception of it.

This is Science and it can be proved. We are living in an Infinite Field of possibility. It is conscious, it is responsive and we get to create our own reality from that place. We can heal. We can prosper. We can live in love. We can do anything we set our mind to. We can change our mindset about anything. It takes a decision and it takes daily practice. The rewards of living a life feeling safe and secure surely outweighs any work it takes to be spiritual masters of our destiny. It is a great adventure and it is a matter of daily ascending to a higher thought, the new and improved me. I am grateful for the Spiritual Security Account within each and every one of us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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