There is No Hindrance to our Perfect Work

What if you knew for certain there was no hinderance to your work. Patrick, my husband, and I have a affirmation that we use whenever we are confronted with a challenge that seems to be in conflict with our perfect work. It is “I can never be threatened.” This is Truth for us.

It is Truth for all of life if we truly believe what we are made of. We are made of Infinite God-stuff. We are unlimited. We are filled with Divine ideas that are waiting for us to grab them and take them into manifestation. Those ideas could be as simple as our next dream vacation to building an organization and knowing that it will flourish. There is no hindrance to our work, but one: Our belief that we cannot succeed.

This belief can come in many forms. We might feel we’ll never be good enough. We might feel we don’t have enough money to accomplish it. We might look to the past and say, “I am always disappointed when I try something.” There are a million more excuses we give ourselves that hinder our work. We call it arguing for our limitations. Dr. Raymond Charles Barker who wrote the book The Power of Decision calls them alibis.

Nothing can hinder the work of an Infinite Mind ready to partner with the Power of the Universe. There is no competition. There are only infinite ideas, opportunities and a field of unlimited possibilities.

Each of us has already found our place in the grand scheme of things. We’ve chosen that place. We’ve decided to be where we are now. If we can accept this, we will know that we can move from this state of consciousness to a greater one and therefore a greater life.

Each of us came to this earth plane with exactly the same opportunities in the form of an Infinite Mind. It is our responsibility to use it for the good of the whole, beginning with ourselves.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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