For Good

Is it possible that everything that has ever happened to us, everything we have ever experienced, everything that we have ever done, has been for our Good. This is what I believe, and I’ve had a lot of experiences that didn’t seem very good at the time I was going through them. I’ve also had wonderful experiences that seemed very good. If the Power I believe in that moves the Universe in all ways is a Power for Good (and I believe it is), then how can I rationalize good and bad?

There is one Power, one field of Energy that is here right where we are. In quantum physics, it is called the Field or the Divine Matrix. In our philosophy, we call it the One Mind. We each are each in it. Our individualized expression is our use of it. Can we use it for good and for bad? Yes, we can use it anyway we want, but what I’m trying to say is that every path we’ve ever taken has been for our Good. If we choose to look at our past this way, we can move things more quickly, forgive, forget and start again. I see many of the troubles in the world come from the inability to forgive the past.

I’m in the process of writing a new one-woman show that I will present on August 30 at our Center. It’s called, “How I Came to Me…n.” The n falling into the abyss. As I review my timeline, I am choosing to focus on how everything in my life in regards to male authority, even those things that I can judge as bad, brought me to where I am today. I wouldn’t cross one experience off my list. Would I repeat some of them? Of course not. That’s where my evolution comes into play. However, I refuse to curse any of it. I have always been in the flow of life even when I dashed my head against a rock or two.

This concept of “for Good” invites us to look beyond the experiences we’ve had to a higher view point. It invites us to stop taking everything so personally on a physical level and begin to take it personal on a metaphysical level. Someone will ask, “How can the abuse I experienced have been for my good.” Being for our good doesn’t mean it was a good experience. It just means that there is more richness to be garnered through forgiveness of the self and all involved and in letting go, than there is by carrying the experience through the rest of our lives, stopping us in our tracks of experiencing good in the present moment. There must have been something about it that was for our good.

I know if we studied the lives of all the great master teachers, mystics and those who lead us in the idea of conscious evolution, we would find that they had to move past something before they could fulfill their potential.

These are my thoughts today, as I embark on an authentic journey and unbiased assessment of my past. What haven’t I forgiven? What pearls of wisdom still need excavating? What needs to be eliminated now and what needs to be embraced?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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