Revealing the Sacred Code

Every great spiritual teaching has a different way of letting us know that there is a seed of Truth implanted in our consciousness. The Hindus saying “that as an emanation of God, each soul has the eternal truths of Hinduism encoded within itself…” The Native American tradition relates that somewhere inside of each person the gift of the ancestors remains that tells us that we are one with the creator and creation and each other. In the Science of Mind philosophy, we call it the “seed of perfection” buried in man’s consciousness.

Whatever we call it, the fact remains; there is something to be known and we are all capable of knowing it now. The story of our existence here is still being written and the ending is not definite. One story ends in extinction, again; the other story ends in conscious evolution moving us into the unknown and our next upward spiral.

If this code of Truth is buried in each of us, then it seems that the only thing for us to do is to embrace it and live it. We do not have to look for it; we only need to reveal it. I believe that the way is through the expression of our authentic self. This self is the one that knows what sets its heart afire and how it wants to live. It is the passionate, creative self that accepts its path even though it has to let go of everything known in order to live it.

There is a lot going on right now that makes the journey back to wholeness seem impossible. We look to the outside and we see everything that is wrong with the world. What I know is that we cannot wait for everyone else to get it. We cannot wait until the oceans are clean and the armies cease marching. We cannot wait until another genocide is over. It’s too big for us to think of all that and how we are going to solve it. We will get so discouraged, we will become frozen. We will begin to feel hopeless.

Instead, what we can do is to begin to live as examples of enlightened beings who love and are passionate about life. We can create heaven wherever we are, give where we can and clean up our own consciousness and life. We can be pinpoints of light wherever we are, and pinpoint by pinpoint ignite a whole world. This we can do.

It’s not too late and the story isn’t over. Now is the time and we have to be brave enough to unearth the code of Truth within our own soul and live it. We can no longer say, we do not know what it is or where it is. Love is the only thing that will lead us to it and living self-love will reveal it. It’s not selfish. I believe that being our own savior is a truly selfless deed and the greatest gift we can give each other. Being an example gives others the permission to do the same.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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