A Time to Heal

What does it mean to heal? Healing is revealing our perfect self, which has always been present. There is a pattern of health within us. We were born to heal. We can cover up this pattern, but we cannot ever destroy it. It is our authentic self, our Divine self.

This is not just a religious belief. This is Science. The mystics always knew this. Science is now proving it. We were not born to die. We were born to heal. Bruce Lipton the scientist, author and scholar gone mystic wrote, “Your mind is more powerful than any disease. Never let a disease own your consciousness and drag you down to its vibration. Keep your energy positive, and your body can’t help but respond.The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

So how do we heal, whether it is from financial woes, disease of the body, loneliness or any other form of dis-ease? From what I’ve experienced in my own life and in the lives of those with whom I work, it always starts with a decision to heal. It might sound simple, but it is. Healing isn’t about fixing things on the outside. Yes, we go to doctors and other experts who help us with our financial difficulties in the world of form, but unless we heal from within, I know we will eventually find ourselves right back where we were. I’ve experienced it. I’ve witnessed this. And, I have come to know that it is all about belief. What we believe and perceive about ourselves unfolds as our life. We might say we want to heal, but everything beneath those words is screaming the opposite. Sometimes we do not even know this on a conscious level, unless we are willing to do the inner work.

Healing doesn’t mean that an outside manifestation has taken place. Healing means that our inner wounds become whole. The mystic Plotinus once said that pain was our soul longing for itself. Any form of disease is a cry for help from ourselves to our Self. The journey is our own individual journey. The destination out-pictures differently for each of us.

In his biography, OPEN AT THE TOP, Ernest Holmes relates several stories about healing. One of my favorites is about a teenage Catholic boy who had been told he was dying and there was no hope for him. Ernest Holmes goes to visit him upon the request of his mother. In their conversation, the boy finally tells Ernest that he wants to live and that he believes that God made his body and so God could just as easily remake it. This was the beginning of his healing. Ernest worked with him for several months, along with the care he was getting from his physician. The boy healed and lived.

There are three things that must be embodied for a healing to take place. The first is faith. The second is conviction. The third is acceptance. We must have the faith we can get well and we must stay convicted no matter what things look like in the world of form. The most important is the last one. We must accept our healing.

Yesterday, we had the honor to walk in the very first  Pride Parade on the Island where I live, Kaua’i. I believe this was a decision to heal. It took a long time for the LGBTQ community to feel they were ready for a parade. Some said they thought no one would show up. I’m sure there were many other reasons why they didn’t make the decision. However, they finally said yes to it.  It was a huge effort on the part of everyone involved. The community responded and there as many supporters present yesterday as were present from the LGBTQ community. This was a perfect example of healing. It took a decision. It took faith. It took conviction though things looked bleak. It took acceptance. Something beyond the physical parade happened yesterday. It was a deeper healing in the souls of those present and those not present.

We all live in the same field. Every time we make a decision to heal, the world heals at the same time. It’s Science. We all affect each other in the Divine Matrix of life. The only way to heal our planet is for each of us to work on revealing our own healing – our authentic selves.

I have faith in this. I have conviction in keeping this vision in my mind and living it in spite of what I see in the world of form. I accept it as the next step in our evolution as a species. We are all healers. Let’s begin where we are and start healing.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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