Honoring My Gift

Last night we had the opportunity to view a deep and powerful interview between Dr. James Mellon (our mentor) and the poet and mystic Mark Nepo. It was the pilot of Dr. James’ new show called “The Inner View.” I have always been deeply touched by the words and writing of Mark Nepo, and having the opportunity to hear him live last night was deeply moving.

He spoke on many topics that gave me much to ponder in my own life. One of these was “Everyone is born with a gift. It is our job to honor it and let it teach us.”  Mark Nepo’s idea of letting it teach us brings me to a whole new perspective about my gift. It makes it all the more important to truly get in touch with my gift.

When I think of the gift of my voice and I let it be my teacher, I can review my life and see how it truly was that and still is. Within my gift of voice from an early age came all my growth, my conflict, identity crises, great healing to myself and others, joy, an inward journey, and so much more. In fact, the gift of my voice has been the one thing that led me to and through all my relationships and across the ocean here to kaua’i.

Perhaps, Mark Nepo was speaking on other more deeper gifts of the spirit like a gift for compassion, or a nurturing heart, or a heart that wants deeply to serve humanity. I’m not sure really, but this is what struck me.

Many of us shrink away from our gifts because we follow the path of survival, making sure to choose professions that will sustain us in the world. We get off our inner journey to survive. In my case, I’ve done this many times in my life. I remember walking across the campus at UNM and making the decision not to follow my heart into the arts and instead chose something more practical. It took a while, but I finally came back to my true self and again I was set on a deeper inner journey.

I’ve put my voice to bed and brought it out again and again over the last fifteen years of my life, but now it is resurfacing. I’ve never quiet understood this gift in the way it affects others, but my message has always been to sing.

“Everyone is born with a gift. It is our job to honor it and let it teach us.” I think if we truly followed our gifts, actually let them live through us, we would be taught in deep, deep ways. Our gifts, no matter what they are, are unique to us. There is no such thing as an imitation. Even if we have the same gift as someone else, ours is unique because our paths are unique.

I have more to ponder on this topic and am grateful the opportunity to have heard this great mystic. He most definitely brought out the mystic in me.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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