What Are You Going to Do?

We had an intense discussion in our women’s group last Sunday about the situation at our borders and families and children and what we could do to help. The discussion went to many places from holding the light and wholeness of solutions in our minds and hearts to moving into action in the world of form. There really was no agreement as to what was the correct way to handle our place in the experience. There were as many answers as there were people in the room.

At the end of our meeting, we created a metaphor of blessing a cup of water with our love and going to the ocean to pour it in, knowing that our energy of love would move with that water, wherever it was needed.

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I have come to my own conclusions since our discussion. I know and understand that I can do so much by holding the solution in my daily prayers and meditations. I know that I  “they are us” and that by affirming that connection in the one field of energy that I am affirming the solution in the Quantum Field that I call the Law of my being. The more energy of positive solutions and love that I can hold in mind, the more I am assisting.

I also do believe that as I keep my life healthy that I am creating one more healthy cell in the cellular structure of humanity. And, as we know it only takes one more healthy cell for a body to stay healthy. I am that one healthy cell and I invite us all to contribute likewise.

But, now that I have prayed affirmatively, meditated, visualized and worked on my own being, what’s next? This is the question that I am sitting with. I will start with what I can do. I know that the more I open up to directions from within, the more the answers come. One place I can start is by researching the issue. Then I can give monetarily. I can support those that are trying to find solutions. I can support those that are more actively involved than I can be from where I live. I can cast my vote with education behind it. The answers come.

One thing I do know is that Love always rules and wins. There is no doubt in my mind about this. I must stay open to love here where I am. I remember Mother Theresa’s story. She didn’t try to fix the whole world, she did small acts of love and those acts expanded and expanded until she created a movement that still lives on beyond her.

There is more Good in the world than we know. We must focus on that Good in our own lives and in the world and give our energy to it and it will expand. We will know what is ours to do and we will do small acts of love that will expand and expand.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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