Carving My Own Divinity

At times like these or any time for that matter, the importance of our individual soul’s development is of outmost importance. From Dr. Jim Lockard:

The importance of continued study and practice on the spiritual developmental pathway cannot be overemphasized. When we stop studying and our practices become repetitive and stagnant, our growth does not just cease, it withers. Gaining a practitioner license, becoming a lay leader, even obtaining a ministerial license and becoming ordained is not the end of the journey. Each of these is the beginning of a new chapter in your journey. This is true whether or not one aspires to future certifications, recognitions, or awards. We either grow through our efforts or we wither.”

Whether we have ministries in the spiritual sciences or not, we are all spiritually developing. As we spiritually develop, so does our species’ evolution. We are each responsible for our soul’s place in the Quantum Field or Divine Matrix. We do make a difference. Are we open to the unlimited possibilities of advancement available or are we closed down right where we are, satisfied with what is about our lives.

I must stay open at all times to the changes that are here and continue. I am not the same today as I was yesterday. I won’t be the same tomorrow. I’ll know more. I’ll grow. I’ll change. When I look back at myself 30 years ago, I hardly recognize myself. Who was that person? She didn’t hold the same beliefs she does not, but she was seeking and testing the new information she received. From Mormonism to Shirley MacLain to becoming a minister of New Thought, I am still growing and I know I’ll never stop.

I used to be pointed to by family members as the one who didn’t know what she wanted. How could I become a Mormon and then leave. Now, she’s experimenting with crystals. I was constantly changing and sometimes those of us seekers are considered flakey.  But, we are far from flakey. We are truly evolving spiritual beings who are waking up to who we truly are. The teachers we require whether they come in the form of a new book, a person or a casual conversation add to our journeys of unfoldment.

I invite us all to continue to find our paths of unfoldment in our own unique way and add to the healthy cells of our planet. We are each an important microcosm in the macrocosm. We are waves in the ocean of life, holding all the DNA (Divinity is our Natural Ability) right where we are.  Studying and expanding is chipping the marble away from the stone to reveal our own masterpiece.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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