Beliefs, Rules, Laws

While I was out exercising today on the coastal path, I was suddenly bombarded by all the beliefs we have on this earth plane. These beliefs become our rules for living, which then become the Law of our life. When I say beliefs, I mean what we have accepted as a race consciousness to be true or inevitable. Who makes up these beliefs? We do. They are grown in the garden of our experiences, what we see “out there” and  what we were told when we were growing up and from other various seeds planted in our subconscious soil. As I said, we create the rules of our life based on our beliefs and then those rules become the Law of our life..

Instead of believing from whatever has been written already, what if we were to live from the Quantum Field that doesn’t know experience, time or space? What if we were, for a moment, just open up to no beliefs, no rules, but instead to use the Laws of the Universe. There is the Law of Cause and Effect, which shows up in other Laws like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Correspondence, etc., etc., etc.

For example, who told us that January is flu season? Who made up the rule that our incomes are fixed after a certain age? Who said we can’t run a marathon at 80, or  that if we run at all our knees will give out? What about the rule that says if you eat a certain things you are sure to gain weight, or that your metabolism slows down after some age, or that you will inherit the diseases of your parents,  etc., etc., etc.

Have you created the rules of your life based on beliefs such as these, and if so are you satisfied with that? Or do you want to create a world of freedom for yourself by learning to use the Laws of the Universe that are always moving in your favor? The Laws of the Universe are about unlimited potential. What we put out in energy returns to us as experience. That’s a Law. These Universal Laws are foolproof, and if we choose, free us from the present rules that might be holding us back.

I have witnessed people recovering from stage four cancer, bringing themselves out of bankruptcy, and starting flourishing businesses at retirement from nothing but a passionate idea. I’ve witnessed people in their nineties living vibrant lives and still learning and growing. There are no rules to hold us back if we are truly committed to what we say we want and are willing to let go of all those limiting beliefs. The Universe always answers “Yes!”

I overheard someone telling a friend that his disease was more difficult to cure than such and such disease. There is no difference in diseases, because we know that we are not curing the disease. We are healing our consciousness and remembering our true Identity – God, Light, Unlimited Energy. In the Quantum Field, the Absolute, the Source of all creation, there are no rules to tell us what we can or cannot do. There is no sky is the limit or ceiling to anything our heart desires.

I am here to express God in this form called Rita, but Rita is pure consciousness clothed in a form. So are you, whatever your name is. You are pure consciousness clothed in a form that is forever changing, shedding, and building again based on what you truly believe. There are no rules for us to express our highest potential besides to remember that what we put our heart and mind to, what we focus on, where we put our energy, returns to us as experience. Rules can be broken, Laws are irrevocable and freeing.

I am so ready to step beyond all my limiting beliefs. I am so ready to break all the rules. I’ll keep the Golden Rule, but other than that, I’m up for a whole new set of beliefs, turned rules, becoming the Law for my life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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