Drop It

I had the opportunity to watch an interview with Mark Nepo, author, poet, mystic, for the second time. I am also reading his beautiful book “More Together than Alone.” Something that struck me last night was the idea of “Drop it.” Mr. Nepo was talking about the many times when our monkey mind spins and spins, and then when we are trying to sleep and it is still spinning. “Drop it,” he advised.

I love this idea, as I have a monkey mind that is sometimes jumping from tree to tree as I drift off to sleep. I use Spiritual Mind Treatment which is a form of dropping it. Last night I had a lot on my mind in the way of the serious details of the lives around me. I decided to drop it, really drop it, and I drifted off to sleep. I had one of the best night’s sleep in a long time and awoke with more clarity than ever.

So, what does it mean to drop it? There are things that are ours to do and there are the things that the Universe, working through us takes care of. By dropping what is not mine, I am dropping it into the Law of my being and allowing it to work on it and bring it forth in a way that is perfect for me. Dropping it takes the terrible burden off my shoulders and allows me to rely on a Power that is greater than my finite mind.

I invite us to consider this idea and to use it when the monkey mind is just working a little too hard, causing us to not see the forest through our trees of doubt and worry. Just take a little vacation from it all by trusting that there is a greater Power that will put the pieces of chaos back together and stitch the fabric of our dismay back together in the most perfect way for us. It will sew the pattern in a way that we can follow to our solutions. It will bring the answers and we will realize that within the question the answers lie. Holding on by trying to control our monkey mind is impossible. Drop it and allow it to happen through us.

Love and aloha,

Rev. Rita

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