Greater Things Shall You Do!

Are you living in the magic of infinite possibility? Do you realize that life is good and there is a Power that is always conspiring in your favor? Do you realize that you are capable of everything in every moment, that you do not have to live by what’s happened in the past? This is who we truly are. If we choose, everyday we create a new map for living.

When I woke up this morning, I truly recognized how I can wake up with the same emotions that are left over from the night before. I can wake up with the reminder of what someone said that I didn’t agree with, or the worry I had about something. I can wake up thinking about how I am concerned for a friend or loved one. I can even wake up even with a success that I had the day before. This kind of waking up is not going to create a new day for me. What I need to do, instead, is to wake up with a blank canvas on which I am going to paint today, without yesterdays drawing on it.

Even the Good from yesterday no longer exists today. Today is new, and in order to have a day of infinite possibility of magic happening, I must be new in it. What can I create today? What idea can I experiment with? What if I had no bounds, no limits of time or money? What if I could just be infinite today? What happens is ideas start pouring in. There is a joy to living that wasn’t present in the old. My energy is new and bubbling with excitement. There are no tethers held in the past. I am flying free, easy and filled with limitless possibilities.

This is the way I want to live. I can because what I know is that the Source that I come from is Infinite, it knows no bounds of time and space. It is fully expressed when I allow it to pour through me in a bigger and greater way. I get to impress upon it what I envision and it responds by bringing those experiences my way. It is the process of a continual surrender to a higher order of living, letting go of all preconceived notions of what life is.

If Jesus, said that greater the things we could do then even he did, well, why am I not doing them. I need to get to work. I am going to the laboratory of living.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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