Tongs, Centipedes and Free Will

I have had many experiences with centipedes since moving to Kaua’i. Once I was bitten because the centipede was hidden in my outdoor washing machine and I was not expecting that. I hadn’t learn the ways of jungle living. Now, I’ve come to learn more about the ways of living in a jungle, and for the most part, the centipedes have presented themselves to me in clear daylight so that I can remove them from my presence. Just this morning that occurred. I am grateful for danger presenting itself to me, as I consider this a gift from the Spirit that proclaims my safety at all times.

So, what’s the metaphor here? Well, danger presenting itself in the way of stale thinking and reliving our past traumas continually present themselves to us if we continue to ignore them. They arise so we can heal and transform our thinking, Just like the centipede, in plain view, these beliefs that don’t serve us are warnings of what will come if we do not take care of them. If we live unconsciously, they lurk in the washing machines of our mind, just churning over and over without a rinse cycle.

It’s all about love and forgiveness. It’s all about understanding that we are the ones that are doing the believing that is leading to that thinking that destroys our peace of mind. We have the opportunity to take the tongs of our volition and remove the belief or we can just keep going and wondering why our lives do not change or why we cannot demonstrate our heart’s desire or why we cannot heal.

The Universe is always in our corner. It is set up for us to be successful. Things are in plain view, even if they are in our subconscious. People ask what if I don’t know what those things are that are holding me back? We do not have to know. All we have to do is look at our lives and we will see what we are believing and thinking. Being willing to look, really see, and then use our power to make the changes necessary for a better experience is what free will is all about. We get to replace those beliefs with new empowering ones. We are not victims, we are powerful creators of our destiny.

We do not need to fear bringing our subconscious out into the daylight. There is a Power stronger than anything that is our very essence that is here as our ally. It is more powerful than even a pair of tongs when confronting a centipede. It is the Power that moves through all of creation. It is our use of the Law of our Being as a powerful tool for change. God has it all and we are God.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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