Surrender to Healing

Three mass shootings in a week. Wow! There is definitely a call for healing that is becoming louder and louder. Yes, of course control the guns that are finding their way to the hands of those who are mentally ill and filled with hate. That is only the beginning of the healing that needs to take place, but it is a good beginning.

Have you wondered why Marianne Williamson is the most googled person in politics right now? Not because she will necessarily become our next president, but because we are feeling the need for something different in the way of politics in the way we handle the growing challenges of this world.

These continued shootings are calls for healing, and there is a way that we can begin. We can heal ourselves. This begins with our own depressions, self-hatred, unhealed relationships with others, our illnesses and all the other ways that we become self-absorbed. How can the world heal when we are the world, and we refuse to do the work. Right now we must surrender to our own healing in an extreme and radical way.

This is not a quick fix, but we can start right where we are and take one part of our life and begin. We each know what this is for us. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “You cannot heal anyone of his trouble, if it is the result of some mental attitude which he will not surrender.” What mental attitudes do we need to surrender right now? How can we expect our politicians to surrender their mental attitudes, if we will not lead the way.

These times are calling for a group of people who are willing to lead with love, intelligence and an extreme commitment to healing their own lives. We are being called to be all that we can be, to hone all our skills, beginning with our mental ones. We are being called to be disciplined in our Spiritual practice whatever that is. We are being called to continue to imagine a world that is at peace and then to walk into that world of violence as peace. We are being called to give everything we have in service to this world without trying to change anyone else.  We are being called to be active Spiritual beings.

Our great examples, beginning with Jesus said “Come follow me,” and those who were interested followed in their footsteps. They didn’t force the powers at be to be different, they merely became the example. They rendered unto Caesar what was Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. This merely means to get your spiritual and mental world together and become a force for Love in the world. Change begins from within, just like a wound heals from within. Let us surrender to healing now.

My love and healing consciousness is held for the people of these recent tragedies and all affected. I will not lose my commitment, and I will continue to believe in the solution and act upon it by beginning with myself.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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