God Gets Antsy, Too

Today, as I sat in meditation, I just couldn’t settle down. A million thoughts going through my head, my ear itches, is that a mosquito biting me? I took a few deep breaths, and then a few more, and then this thought came to me. “God is in the antzy, too. So just sit with God and be okay with it.”

Sometimes, I think we are under the impression that it is only when we are at total peace that we experience God. I call it God; call it whatever you want. For me, it is the highest and truest me. The place within me where I feel no separation from Source Energy. Well, if I tell myself that I can only be there when I’m in a place of total peace, I’d be leaving out a lot of my day. God is me no matter what I am experiencing.

I think that the more I can surrender to this knowing, the more the peace comes, the more the acceptance of me comes. Right where I am, no matter what I am feeling, God is here experiencing it as me. Ernest Holmes once wrote, that “the Absolute is the relative, at the level of the relative.” Relative means the conditional world; the Absolute is God/Source. This idea means that no matter what, whether I am not feeling well, even angry about something, God is still there. As I acknowledge my feelings and then find God in them, it takes the bite out of everything. God reveals itself, the answers come, peace of mind comes.

So, when I’m meditating, I no longer fight the thoughts. I stop giving them so much power. If I have an itch. I scratch it. I just let myself be with God, all of God. We are really quite amazing in this human form. God loves experiencing everything from an itch to a glorious sunset.

Well, it’s just a different perspective on it all. If it resonates, use it. If not toss it out. I’m sure each moment brings new discoveries. as God experiences more and more of this life form.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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