Run, Forrest, Run!

Patrick RunningThis weekend is the weekend my spiritual partner and love, Rev. Patrick chose to Rise Above It. It is the weekend of the Kaua’i marathon, and we added my one-woman show “How I Came to Me…n” to the schedule, so I could Rise Above It, too.

It’s not the first time in our relationship where we’ve challenged ourselves. In fact, we are constantly doing it, and have from the beginning of our time together. When I first met Patrick, I wrote and directed him in a one-person show that was close to two hours long. It was his 40th birthday and this was the way he wanted to spend it. He sang 21 songs, and he wasn’t a singer at the time. I remember his mother saying, “Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have a party?” Well, we had a party too.

So, that has been our life and obviously it continues. We are just those type of persons that revel in the process of creation and we are always birthing something new. I believe that, for me at least, it is my way of constantly being in the process of healing. Healing in the Science of Mind and Spirit is revealing God. It is rising above the world of conditions into a higher state of consciousness. It is rising above the world of limitations that might try to drag us down and make us seem ordinary or less than. When we challenge ourselves, we get to say, “no, I am not that; this is who I am.

My father was a doctor of medicine. I remember him telling me, “Rita, I do not do this. It is God that does it through me.” I have carried that one sentence with me and continually practice it. It was the thing I said to Patrick as he left this morning for his marathon. It is the thing I said to myself both nights as I entered onto the stage to sing my sixteen songs and tell my story. It is the thing I say to myself anytime I feel less than. I am never less than. How can I be when God is expressing through and as me?

So, today as Rev. Patrick runs his marathon, I know he is prayed up and that God is running every step of the way as him. I know that he flies with the feet of God, the heart of God, the lungs of God and that every muscle and organ is in one glorious God dance with him. I am grateful. And, so it is! Run, Forrest, run!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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