Born to Heal


I believe we are born to heal, and yet, I am aware of so many who are emotionally and physically ill. They feel there is no way out of their present situation. They are suffering from a debilitating disease or the loss of a loved one or depression due to a traumatic event from their past. There are many reasons for their current frame of mind that is making them feel there is no escape. However, I continue to believe we are born to heal.

I know that it does not occur by suppressing our feelings or saying that we are just going to get on with whatever it is. It is something so much deeper and truer. There is a healing presence within us that sits and waits for our recognition of it. It is at the bottom of our grief. It calls out to us, asking us to write or run or talk to a therapist or go to a certain religious function or even travel around the world. It is calling us to heal, to be born again and again.

What is healing? It is revealing our true self – God. This is what is calling out from within us. Our God Self that has all the ingredients for our healing. Whatever our trial is presents the recipe for that revelation. I do believe that we live in an organized Universe. If we didn’t we couldn’t survive for one moment. Even with all that we have done to our environment, it is still born to heal, although it might take us through complete devastation.  Life is!

So my question for today is: If we are born to heal and not to be sick, what is your path to healing? My path is the deep yearning I have to express life in the most powerful way that I can. I don’t always know what that is, but I continue to listen and follow my path. It’s the path of least resistance that I follow because I know that is the one that is in the flow with my highest good. When I feel myself fighting myself  or things become a struggle, I know something has to change. When am I in the flow, and when do I feel myself pushing upstream? The more direct and honest I can be with myself, the more I can get ego out of the way, the clearer everything becomes.

We are born to heal, which means we are born to express life in all its glory. We will express it one way or the other. When we are done here, we will express it somewhere else. I do not know how I know that, but I do know it. God is evolving through each of us, uniquely. We’ve slowed it down quite a bit with all our egocentric ways of dealing with each other and our planet, but we cannot stop God from expressing through us. God will eventually with. God is Love.

We are born to heal. The little cut on our finger that begins to heal from the inside out is our sign of this truth. We have it all within us. Our trials are our path. The Universe is for us, not against us. Let the healing begin or continue. I invite us to consider this idea in our own way.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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