Finish Line Begone!


There is no such thing as a finish line. It is merely an imaginary line we’ve drawn in on an imaginary page that says that we won’t go any further than that. I’ve had many finish lines in my life. They come with the decisions I make. The decision to stop having more children. The decision that says I can’t do that or that I can, but only up to this point. The finish line that says that’s as far as I can go in my business. The finish line I create when I say I can’t make that change. Finish lines are decisions  that create a limit in our lives. There is nothing wrong with a finish line; sometimes it is a worthy goal to reach. They can be useful to our growth and development.  But, there is also more. We must remember we hold the chalk and the eraser. It is our belief that sets the limit to our finish lines.

I must remember that finish lines are self-created boundaries made by those of us that believe we live only in a 3-D world. We see life by what’s in front of us. But, there is a field that knows nothing of finish lines. The only way there is through the eye of the needle. That eye of the needle is when we enter the absolute or the quantum field. It happens during a really good Spiritual Mind Treatment. It happens during a really amazing meditation when we are able to let go of the world of conditions and feel that we are only consciousness and there we see our goals as limitless possibilities. The soil of our mind, our subjective field is that unlimited place that merges with the Infinite. There is no finish line to it. We can live from this place.

Quantum Science tells us that the field is influenced by our feelings. It shifts, it changes, it creates, it dissolves, it recreates. We are infinite, but we think we are finite, and are only using a spec of the infinite.

So what will it take. It takes a step before we see the whole staircase. It takes believing in something we can’t see. It takes starting right where we are and knowing we can go a step further than we went. This is what I like so much about running or any endeavor that taxes us to push ourselves. It isn’t comfortable to be in the zone. We have to move beyond our finish line.

Remember that game or maybe it’s a dance when two people hold opposite ends of a stick and you pass under it. They keep lowering it until you finally have to lie down to get under and across. We are the ones lowering our own boundaries, when we can be lifting them instead. Athletes, good ones, are always raising the bar, not lowering it.

There is something within us that always once more. We see it in artists and creatives who are always finding another project to give themselves to. I heard a talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza the other day, counseling someone who is trying to create more wealth in his life. He talked about the forms of motivation from highest to lowest. Did you know that the highest form of motivation is mission oriented – you want to do something for the world. The next is motivation spurred by personal conviction. “I said I’m going to do this and I am.” Entreprenuers have this type of motivation. Next down the line is ethics motivation. “I’m going to do this because it’s a good thing to do. We are driven by morality. Then there is self-recognition motivation. We do it for the side-effects. We do it to be noticed, to make money, to get something. This is the lowest form of motivation.

He goes onto say there is nothing wrong with any of these forms of motivation. However, your ability to demonstrate depends on which you choose. The lower down we go, the more we are trying to change matter from the field of matter. We are working with overcoming conditions. If you begin at the highest forms, the others will add upon us. I want to do something for the world (service oriented motivation) spurs my entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, it is going to be a good thing. I might or might not be financially successful, but since it it is not my driving force, more than likely it will be a logical side effect.

People who have a mission in life usually also have expanding finish lines. We are all unique and we each have a mission here on planet earth. It is the mission to be the best unlimited self we can be. We don’t have to found a corporation or the find the next cure to cancer. We just have to be our best infinite self. This will lead us past all the man-made finish lines to our highest destiny and highest potential. By being our true self we serve the planet.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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