Breaking All the Rules!


There is a rule that says not to go through a traffic light. It’s a good rule and is meant to create order and safety on the road; however if you found yourself in a situation where going through the light might be the only way to save your life, you’d probably break that rule. All rules are made to be broken. But these rules that deal with safety in society are not the rules I am writing about. I am writing about the rules that dictate to us what is and what is not possible.

This week a man named Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya was the first person to finish a marathon in less than 2 hours. He ran a 4.33.5 minute mile. He said, “I want to inspire many people that no human is limited. That was the best moment of my life.”

This got me thinking of the times in my life when I have broken a record by overcoming some belief I had previously accepted as the truth about me. I do believe by being an example is our only true way to change the world and assist in its spiritual evolution.

I thought about the time I left home when I was 18, against all odds, knowing I had to make it on my own and I did. I definitely broke a rule set upon me in my Catholic upbringing, and I was ostracized and disowned by family and friends. Yet, I knew I had to do it.

There was the time, I brought my voice to a place where a 66-year-old woman might not have dared to believe she could, and gave a spectacular performance. I had to overcome many limiting beliefs. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  Then, there was the time my husband and I created a Center for Spiritual Living with nothing but the consciousness that believed we could.

I can go back even further. How about when a little girl first learned to walk and then run. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I bet my determination to go beyond sitting and then crawling was far greater than staying where I was. In all these things, I had to want it so badly that I was willing to go beyond my beliefs and create new ones that said I could do it. I had to break rules of limitation, which are merely beliefs that have become the operating structure of our lives.

This is evolution. Eliud Kipchoge breaking the marathon record will now inspire others to do the same, and we will see it happening again and again. When we overcome our own limitations, we do inspire those ready to overcome theirs. Those of us ready to overcome something or to become greater than our present circumstances might ask, “How do I do that?”

Ernest Holmes wrote, “The Universal Subjective Mind (the Field) is limitless. …Limitation is not a Principle nor in Law, but only in the individual use we make of Principle. Our individual use of it can only equal our individual capacity to understand It, to embody It. We cannot demonstrate beyond our ability to provide a mental equivalent of our desire.”  Quantum Science would say the same thing. We have to create the experience in mind as a finished effect, creating the emotion of it already happening. There is no way to put the cart in front of the horse. The Field is limitless, but it is a place that can only be accessed with the mind. “The thought sends the signal out; the feeling brings the event back to us,” writes Dr. Joe Dispenza.

If what Quantum Physics and Dr. Holmes says is true, that we live in a field of limitless energy that is constantly changing according to the thoughts we place upon it, then it would also be true that there would be nothing we could not do or be, if we wanted it enough and if we could create a mental equivalent of it.

The thing I most notice about those that come to me to release themselves from some experience that is not serving them is that they are waiting for the world to show  them that it is okay or to show them that they are safe to change the rules or a guarantee that they will be successful. This approach is not going to get us any closer to our desire for change. Our only road to change is to decide what it is we do want and to work on our mental embodiment of that desire. Yes, we will have to break rules, because it is the rules or fences we set around our imagination that is stopping us from evolving.

So how do we bring this all together to have an amazing life, fulfilling all our desires, whether it is to run a marathon in less than two hours or buy a car or to succeed in our dream job? First, we come to realize who we are: Powerful, Divine Limitless beings.” We begin to commune with that side of ourselves through meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. Second, we realize there are no rules besides the ones we made up. This takes releasing the past with forgiveness and love and being in the present moment. Third, we decide what we want and begin to work in the mental and emotional field with that desire. Fourth, we must have faith in the Infinite Intelligence, the Law, the Energy that brings that event back to us. We let our intention go to Infinite Mind, and we walk from the place of it already being done. Just like Eliud Kipchoge had to put one foot in front of another, we must remove ourselves from the couch of our mind and walk from where we are into our new life, releasing the binds that hold us back.

The Infinite Mind is our mind. How we use it and how much we use of it, is up to us. This is the journey of our evolution. We get to go as fast or as slow as our ability to believe, conceive and live it will take us. This eternal evolvement is our destiny and I believe we will do it here, hereafter and forever. It takes the pressure off, and yet I like the pressure on. I believe right now at this point in our history, living in the extremes that we are living in that we do not have time to wait. If we feel called to assist in the shift to a greater consciousness than it has to begin with us now. We better get moving and break some rules. What rules are you willing to break today?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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