Don’t Give Up Now!


In studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, simply put, I am learning that my brain is a big computer that is run by my mind and that my emotions are lodged in my body/subconscious clamoring for attention. I am learning that whatever I feed my subconscious on a continuous basis will come back to me a experience. I love the meditations that he offers that help me to practice accessing the quantum field. I am grateful. He is an amazing teacher for me and has helped me to expand my work.

However, there is more. Once I am in the Field, which we call the Absolute, God, Life force, Source, I must direct it. This is where I use Spiritual Mind Treatment, a scientific method created by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Many people think this is all new, and yes, Dr. Joe has made it accessible to the masses, but New Thought or Quantum Science is not new. It has been practiced for centuries beginning as far back as the Greeks and beyond. The Master Teacher Jesus was most definitely a Quantum Scientist.

We are always using this Science, but to use it consciously is what being a Master is all about. Some people give up after trying it for a while. They say it doesn’t work or that it is impossible to leave the thoughts we do not want to think behind.  I ask, “Have you been relentless? Do you want to change so badly that you will never give up? Have you sat with Spirit everyday and actually penetrated the Field? Do you come out of your meditations feeling different than when you sat down? Do you use Spiritual Mind Treatment over and over until you demonstrate ?”

I know for myself that I have to practice every day, every moment. It might be easier for me because I’ve worked it for over 20 years, but I still have to practice everyday. I never get lazy with it because I know that being a Master is a lifetime practice and that there is always something new to learn or reveal.  Even Jesus had to retreat to the desert to be alone. Didn’t he say, “Greater things than this shall you do.”? Time goes forward and evolution is an eternal process. Dr. Holmes said we are open at the top. The Divine Influx is always pouring through us.

We are living in times of extremes in climate, economically, and in physical and mental conflict. This is not the time to give up on our spiritual practice or to look for reasons why it is not working. It is called Science of Mind and Spirit for a reason. It is scientific and every good scientist knows that experimentation and repetition is how we gain knowledge and get results.

Don’t give up. There is a Loving Intelligence is the very breath we breathe. It awaits our recognition. It never gets too tired or gives up on us. It is alway here because it is the very beat of our heart. Keep listening, love yourself, have compassion for your efforts, live in gratitude and keep on keeping on. Love heals all.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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