How Can I Ever Change?


Dr. Joe Dispenza gives us a formula for changing our state of being. You can find it in his books and his many Youtube videos. Simply put, make a conscious intention for change and live the emotion of that change before it occurs in the world of form. It takes practice, it takes mental rehearsal and it also takes putting it into action. We must walk in the change eventually.

I love the idea that mental rehearsal creates the same changes in our brains as if the change has already taken place. We are setting the stage for the experiences to come to us. We’ve changed our perspective and life just looks different. Synchronistic happenings occur naturally.

In the Science of Mind and Spirit, Practitioners learn a similar technique called Spiritual Mind Treatment. There is a change that we want in our lives and we understand that in order to make that change, we must consciously embrace it first. We give gratitude and then we let it go to the Field or Universal Law that brings the change in unexpected ways. We walk in the change, as if it has already happened. We do not look for it, but we know we are that change. We become it. We have shifted our consciousness and therefore our life changes.

Could it be this easy? If it is, why isn’t every one doing it? First of all, it takes repetition and discipline. We must continue and keep on keeping on even if it doesn’t show up at first. Some of us are changing deep programs that we’ve held onto for years. We are breaking habits and ways of being that want to cling for their very life. Change is uncomfortable and sometimes not changing is easier, even if it is more painful.

What I know from all my studies is that you cannot assist anyone who is not willing to drop or let go of the cause that is holding their current state of being in place. It doesn’t mean we have to know the cause and dissect every part of our life, but we do have to be willing to be in a state of surrender. We also have want the change so badly that we are willing to keep at it at all costs.

It is most definitely a scientific method, but the spiritual end of this equation can never be left out. When we begin with Spirit or God or the Power of the Divine moving through us, if we can turn to that Reality while doing this work, nothing can obstruct us. Dr. Joe gives us a method to enter the Quantum Field and create from that place. The Quantum Field is God, the Perfection, the Energy that has never been touched by anything. It is our very essence. In the Science of Mind and Spirit it is called “The Absolute.” Practitioners are trained to access that place in the first two steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

This is exciting work and I am grateful to be going deeper and learning more about it and how to use it. The Science of Mind and Spirit is an open at the top philosophy, which merely means that we are always expanding and garnering more Divine wisdom. Life is alway moving forward. Intelligence precedes evolution. We must bring ourselves to a place of understanding and then be willing to use what we are learning. As Dr. Joe says it is our experiment with destiny. As Dr. Holmes says, to harness our mind is the adventure of a life time. Let’s get to it!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

PS: My simple book on Spiritual Mind Treatment is available on Amazon for a mere $7.99 or even on Kindle.

This Thing Called Treatment

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