Larger than Life


I am larger than life and so are you. What does this mean? It means that whatever shows up in our relative or conditional world, we are bigger than that. I used to know a person who was having some challenges in life that he was trying to rise above. He used to say about his challenges, “I am that powerful! I created this experience and if I can create this, I can uncreate it. I am that powerful!” 

I believe that thought comes before experience. Who we are is how the world presents itself to us. If thought is everything and it can show up as challenges. It can just as easily show up as the bright and beautiful. It all depends on us. So, when I say I am larger than life, I mean that my life was created through me and my beliefs. If I want a larger life, I must be my larger self.

This Friday we had an event at our Center called “Flying Solo.” It was the presentation of a body of work from a six-week workshop. Each participant proved they were larger than life. They dissected a piece of their life, gained a perspective of it by rising above it and digesting it from that standpoint. Then, they were bold enough to share the journey in public in the way of a spoken presentation. Each of us gained something from witnessing this spectacular example of overcoming the darkest parts of humanity/life. We witnessed our brothers and sisters becoming larger than life. They surpassed what their parents and ancestors might have thought was possible – to truly examine one’s life and self and not be afraid to talk about it. This is evolution, to rise above the past and open the doors to a greater future.

To be larger than life takes a lot of love. This morning when I woke up, I could feel some of the weight of my week on my chest. It was heavy and I was heavy with thoughts. I got up and went immediately to my meditation practice. As I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, I said, I’m not getting up until I feel different.

At first, I was trying to force myself to feel different. Then, I turned to my heart and I let it take over. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the presence of love. I lingered there and foresaw my day the way I wanted to experience it. I claimed it through Spiritual Mind Treatment and then got up from my meditation. I was definitely ready to approach life from a larger perspective.

Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit once wrote “The Spiritual world is the CAUSE of the material; we are spiritual beings governed by mental law. ONLY THAT WORLD CAN APPEAR TO US WHICH WE MENTALLY PERCEIVE. Man’s experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness.” 

Remember the stories of when we thought the world was flat because we looked out at the ocean’s horizon and it looked like that’s where everything ended. We were afraid to venture out; we might fall off the earth. And then, the first person decided that they would stretch themselves and perhaps prove that this might be wrong. They set sail and the rest is history. We have to dare to be larger than what seems so obvious in the material world. It’s called evolution.

Do you want a larger life? Then you must have a larger mental vision. You must begin in the mental field and envision the life that you want to live and then walk out into action from that place. You must look for that larger life everywhere and in everyone. And, when you are confronted with people or experiences that seem to pull you down, look to them/it and ask, what in me am I seeing here? When you can change that part of yourself, the outer world will look totally different. You will have risen above the experience.

I am larger than life and so are you. Let’s live the larger self today.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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