Turn Around!


In close proximity to our back yard, our neighbors are building a large house. Really, our house is all windows and it is right there. As I sit on my couch, where I do my usual writing and reading and meditating, it looms in front of me. However, all I have to do is turn my body 90 degrees and my view is the vista of land and the ocean. Why don’t I just turn away and around?

Sometimes, life is like that. We stare at our problems. We fixate on them. We analyze them. We wonder why they will not go away. Why don’t we just turn away and around and look in a different direction? Why don’t we look to the things that are working, that are beautiful, that are those things we want more of. We can’t change our life by staring at what we think is wrong.

We have a method in Spiritual Mind Treatment, where Ernest Holmes challenges us to turn away from the condition. Oh, yes, we look it straight in the face at first, but then we know that there is Truth waiting for us as we turn away from that condition and to that Truth. We speak that Truth into Law or into the Field of unlimited possibilities like one would throw a boom-a-rang out. We know that that boom-a-rang of Truth comes back to us as experience. It is guaranteed.

So, if we find our eyes glued to our problems and challenges, perhaps, we might consider turning around and away and giving thanks for all we see that is good in our life. Perhaps, in that moment of turning away we can begin to use our most powerful possession – our imagination. We can begin to envision the life we want to experience. The more we do this, the more our energy will attract that vision. It’s scientific and can be proven.

Remember the song, “There is someone walking/standing behind you…turn around look at me…” There is Truth walking behind you pushing you along, Turn around; it’s right here waiting for your recognition. It is the Power of Truth and that Truth is always Love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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