This is Not Your Truth!


A few days ago, I heard my husband screaming in pain from the other room. I went running. Not knowing that the floor was wet from some sudden rain that had gotten through the window, he’d slipped and landed hard on his leg. I was just about to go into SMT (Spiritual Mind Treatment), when he screamed “Treat!” I did immediately, knowing that this was not his Truth and that beyond it all he was perfect wholeness, etc.  When I finished, I could tell my treatment handed totally landed with him, even though I was sure he was fine. I said, “This is not your Truth. Accept your healing.” That was the moment everything turned around. Even though his leg had twisted and turned around underneath him, he is fine. No bruises or swelling. I know he did a lot of work on his own after my treatment anytime doubt came in, but he’s fine.

In the physical realm, I have no idea what happened to him and I’m sure if we had needed to we would have seen a doctor. Both of us have broken bones over the last two years, but this time was different.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because there is an important part of SMT that we all need to remember. We have to “accept” our healing. We have to be willing to “receive” the healing. Even if we do not totally believe in it, acceptance of our good will carry us through to revealing it as our life.

The other thing is this idea about “This is not your Truth.” What is our Truth? We are Powerful beings. We have everything within us to live lives of prosperity, health and creativity. We are born to heal. We are not meant to suffer and strain through our lives. If we are, perhaps we might consider turning to the Power within us and surrendering to it. We can ask what is ours to know? What is ours to do? Who Am I? What am I? We do not have to go on a deep hunt for causes of our grief, but we do need to be willing to release whatever stands in the way of the frequency of the Divine which is our true frequency.

Sorrow, pain, lack and limitation, loneliness and isolation is not our Truth. There is an answer to every problem in the Spirit and Power of the Infinite Love, which is also our power. However, we have to accept it and use it. The best place to start is in love and self-forgiveness for everything.

Everything I am speaking of is scientific and can be proved. Everything starts in the mental and emotional field. We must repeat our treatments until we receive our answer. Love heals all. When you are confronted with a challenge, it is your perspective and willingness to know that something greater than this challenge is working through you. Remember you are Truth and Truth is always love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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