You Are the Healer!


I am away on a Family/Business trip. It has been a good change for me and many things are coming up. I am grateful for this time to reflect, refresh and renew myself both personally and in regards to my vocation as a Spiritual Director and minister. I’m making lots of discoveries and processing them along the way. I’m writing, meditating, reading and, yes, still working on the business of our Center. My job is full-time and it’s amazing.

This is something that has come up very strongly the past few days. It’s about healing. I have been asking what is mine to do and know and what can I bring to others to assist them. Today, something came up that I think needs attention. The question is “Do you know that you are the healer?”

I ask this question because I am noticing many people waiting to get to a healer, whether it be a doctor, a shaman, a practitioner, or the latest fad. I recently have noted how many people pray to get into a healing circle at one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Intensives. I love Dr. Joe, and know he is doing a lot of good in the world. However, he is only one person and I’m not sure he can get to all the people that clamor for him.

When Jesus walked the earth, people were holding onto his robes and begging for healing. He obliged as much as he could, but even he had to escape into the desert now and then to refresh himself. He used to say, “Go and tell no man,” after he completed a healing. I believe this was because he didn’t want people to just come to him for healing. He wanted them to come to know the Truth about themselves and to know that the Kingdom of Heaven was within them. What did he say? “Your faith has made thee whole!” and “Pick up your bed and walk!”

So, I think if I have any mission here on earth, and I’m sure I have many, it is to make sure we all know how we are the healers and we do not have to wait for anyone else to facilitate our healing process. If Dr. Joe turns us down, or our minister is away on vacation, or John of God has a scandal, it doesn’t matter. We are the healers. We have all the Power any of these people have because we are all using the same Power. If we are depending on another person for our healing, we might not heal because we are waiting for the right connection or time. Your healing is now.

There is one Power it moves through all of creation. We live in and through and by this Power. It is every cell in each of our bodies, surrounding us and creating a web of connectivity through all of us. We are one. There is only one. We each can open our mouths and claim anything we desire, if we will accept the gift. A “healer” cannot accept for us. They might be able to assist us in awakening (and that’s what we do in a spiritual counseling session) but we each have to take it the rest of the way. We can do this at any time. We have the power of belief. We have the power of faith. We have the Power to move the Energy Field, the Law of our Being in any direction we choose.

Thank you for listening. I trust something here helps you on your journey.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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