To Me, By Me, Through Me, As Me


There are four states of consciousness which are ours to experience. At times, we experience one or the other or all of them. We might grow from one consciousness to the other over time and through our spiritual work. These states of consciousness are (1) To me consciousness, (2) By me consciousness (3) Through me consciousness, (4) As me consciousness.  What follows is my interpretation of these states of being.

“To me” consciousness is also known as victim consciousness. It’s when we experience the world in a state of blame and uncertainty of what is coming next. All of our focus is put on what is happening outside of us. We are sure that when something happens, it must be aimed at us and against us.

“By me” consciousness is when are focus is on doing. We feel like we are the doer and if it doesn’t get done by us, it won’t get done at all. We are totally focused on getting it done. It can be stress-filled. “We will do it! Stand out of the way!” We might trust in a higher power, but we remain separate from it. Our consciousness moves in and out of alignment with something greater than ourselves.

“Through me” consciousness is a consciousness that is developed over time through spiritual practice. We believe in something greater than ourselves and when we come in contact with it, through our meditations and prayers, we can feel that it works through us. When we are in the world of form, we might pause, center and allow something greater than ourselves to intuit through us, guide us and direct us. If we are spiritually practiced, we are in this state of consciousness much of the time.

“As me” consciousness is the state of being of the mystic. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others. It is when we feel no separation between ourselves and this higher Intelligence, the loving Energy, Source, the Field. We are so connected with it that all separation is removed. We are merely It – completely in oneness with all of creation.

As I said, I think we all move through these states of consciousness at various times of our day and our life. It seems to me that our ideal intention would be to experience “As me” consciousness as much as possible. For myself, I think I move through “through me” and “as me” consciousness. I would be lying if I said I never experience the other two states of being. It takes practice, and although I put my time in every day. The world of form can become overpowering sometimes. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that beating myself up when I fall into “to me” or “by me” consciousness does not serve me. What does serve me is the fact that I recognize those times and lift myself back up. That is a victory.

I believe that the best place to start is to lift ourselves out of victim consciousness. Our planet and current conditions are demanding this of us. Continuing to point our figure outward is not helping us to grow through the challenges of our current conditions. I believe it is time, instead, to step into the Power within us, which is all Power and to begin to shift our lives individually right where we are. In the microcosm of the macrocosm, we can make the changes in consciousness when we are challenged by those around us. We can at realize that even those things that happen that seem so personal are not personal at all. Everyone is acting from where their own consciousness resides, and we react where our consciousness resides. As we all interact together, someone must go first and step upward. The more of us that do this, the more the world will change into a higher consciousness.

We live in one Infinite field of Energy, one Mind. What one of us thinks into this Mind, how we act toward each other, and the amount of love and forgiveness that we project from within makes a huge difference.

During this Holiday season which is upon us, I invite us all to examine where we are in consciousness and to contemplate on whether we could lift ourselves up and approach our life from a higher state of being. If we are already doing it, then just keep up the good work. It’s all good work and I know that the consciousness of our planet is shifting. There is more love in the world than we think. I will focus on that.

Have a conscious December no matter whether you are celebrating a Holiday or not. Working on our consciousness is celebration enough.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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