Evolution through Involution

Evolution is the time and the process to which an idea unfolds to a higher state of manifestation, and since ideas are divine realities, evolution will go on forever. Evolution is an effect. It follows involution. Ernest Holmes

I believe in my own evolution. I believe in your evolution. Life moves forward and life moves upward. Even when life is at what seems like its lowest in the world of conditions, there is something beneath and beyond it all at the very bottom that is pushing it up and out of the present situation. There is a new truth to be known. There is only life and there are only Divine ideas that are being birthed if we will give birth to them. In other words, evolution is an effect and it can only take place, when we are willing to go within (involution) and begin to process a new way of thinking.

Based on this Principle, I believe that everything in life happens through us, not to us. It happens for us. And finally, it has to happen as us. I believe we are where we are in life because who we are. I also believe that there is a Divine time for each of us to evolve that is individual to us. Although we have everything we need to move through any experience, we still get to choose our timing. We get to stay wherever we are in consciousness just as long as we want to. No one can force us to change or to become something we don’t want to become. When we think new ideas, we are shifting to a new level of consciousness.

Lately, I’ve experienced a lot of death in a short amount of time. There are no mistakes and I believe these things have showed up in my life so that I can expand and grow.I did not create the experience for those people, but I did create my place in the experience.

One of the things that strikes me is that I can no longer “judge by appearances.” Things are not just as they seem and there is a bigger story going on behind every experience. When I trust that and stop trying to analyze why something is the way it is for someone else, and instead turn it toward myself and ask “What is mine to learn here?” I begin to expand and evolve. I feel new inner strength and I have a completely different experience. I’ve become new because I am thinking new. There is a promise to those who will look within themselves and find their true essence, and seek to embrace it. But always, this is an individual journey.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind, wrote, “To assert our individuality is to rise above the law of averages into that more highly specialized use of the Law which brings freedom rather than bondage, joy in the place of grief and wholeness instead of sickness. We cannot do this unless we are first willing to judge not according to appearances. In this judging not according to appearances, we are impressing the Law with a new idea of ourselves … a less limited idea and we are learning to think independently of any existing circumstances. This is what is meant by entering the Absolute.

You see there is a Field that is neutral and pliable. It is energy. We are Energy. We impress this Field of Energy with the only thing we have to impress it with, our thoughts backed by our feeling. We can keep impressing it the same way, day after day, based on looking to the outside appearances, or we can stop judging by appearances and impress a new idea. We can seek to go deeper than what we see in front of us. This is our freedom as individual centers of consciousness, and even though everyone in the world might be thinking one way, we have the right to rise above that thinking and impress the Field with greater and more expansive ideas.

“One alone in consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” We do not have to wait for others to change, to grow. They will do what they do on their own time. We can live by example and we can shift the world one person at a time.

Whenever I question this, I just think of the great inventions of flying, the telephone, electricity. These things didn’t just appear. The ideas have always been here, but someone had to be open enough and be courageous enough to catch them. There are more ideas just waiting to be birthed and the world needs them now more than ever. The games on. 2020 is upon us. The perfect time for 20/20 vision

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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