Be Calm and Remember the Catamaran

There once was a woman who bought a Christmas gift for her family. It was a trip on the Catamaran, a deluxe snorkel cruise to the Napali Coast. She was excited for the prospect of her children and grandchild having an amazing day in the sea and sun, accompanied by dolphins and whales.

The day was set, but the weather might or might not agree with her intentions. Still, the woman did spiritual mind treatment for the perfect day. The catamaran company decided it was a clear enough day to go out on the ocean, but the first thing they let everyone know is they would not be going to the Napali Coast, due to the large ocean swells; that they would go south instead. People were given the opportunity to stay with the trip as planned or reschedule it. Half the people left for the office. Because there was no reschedule date that would fit everyone in the woman’s group, and because they all were very excited for this trip, they all looked at each other and nodded, “Let’s go!”

Now the woman had a feeling that it might not be okay; after all it was supposed to be a Napali Coast tour. But, she went with the four others, knowing that everything would have to unfold perfectly. The Universe always has our back? Right?

Well, the first thing that happened for this woman was a slip in the mud that landed her hard on her knee. Through the blood and mud, she treated for the healing. Her prayer was answered immediately, with a swab of alchohol and a little antibiotic ointment. It all unfolded with only a bruise and a scab, and she was fine.

And so, the trip began and the waters were rough. The woman knew to go to the front of the boat where the air would hit her face and she could see everything.  There were dolphins and there were whales. At the same time, there were bumps and swells that pleased half the family and sickened the other half.

To cut to the chase, half the family got very seasick and half the family had a marvelous time. The woman sat in the middle. She didn’t get sick and she didn’t marvel with the whales and dolphins. And, every time she got up to try to go one way or the other, either to celebrate with the dolphins, or comfort the sick, she felt her stomach and head give way and all she could do was sit back down.

And so, the woman neither enjoyed the delights of the trip nor did she sink to the lowest physical level. She merely stayed in the middle watching the fun and surrendering to her sympathy for the others. Her spiritual mind treatments were more of surrenders to what was than strong conviction for what could be.

That woman was me yesterday, and, as usual, I search for meaning for a day that was intended to be a day of total family joy. What I learned is this.

Firstly, one has to make a decision. Are we going to go forward and really enjoying the life we’ve set before us or are we going to stay in sympathy for others who can’t, for whatever reason, enjoy the life we’ve decided to embrace? If we do not make that decision, we will be stuck in the middle. We will neither enjoy life, nor sink to its lowest level, but far worst we will be in limbo, a state that keeps us stuck, indecisive with no hope for anything better.

As I view myself now from a higher perspective, I see that I stayed in the observer position. When I looked one way – at my granddaugher and son-in-law having an amazing time, I really couldn’t enjoy that fully. When I looked the other way to my husband and daughter who were sick, I couldn’t do anything about that, besides offer a prayer for the healing of my own mind.  I didn’t allow myself to just be present and really enjoy the trip. I didn’t buy into the sea sickenss, but I didn’t fully embrace the wellness.

How often do we do this in life? I know it is not my normal state of being, but sometimes, when we want everything to be perfect for everyone, we can rob ourselves of our own joy. The lesson: Embrace your own joy. By doing so, you will be a great example to others. And, secondly, allow people to be just where they are. You are not responsible for the happiness of others. You are only responsible for your thoughts of wholeness about them.

There will be other catamarans; there will be other decisions; there will be more lessons; there will be this continual catamaran journey of life forever expanding in understanding and more knowing.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita




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