What’s In Your Future?


I used to love horoscopes and having people read my future. Now, I understand that everything is stored in my subconscious and that there are people that are very good at reading, not necessarily my future, the subconscious. I understand that the only future I have is what I create now in this moment. Anything else is only a tendency of what might happen if I continue in the state that I am in in the present. As Gandhi reflected: “Our future is the product of our present. It will be positive and good if we perform positive activities in our present.” What could these activities be? Not things we do, the thoughts that we think and the beliefs that we adhere to and act upon.

I’ve learned a new way of being by studying the Science of Mind and Spirit. I wake up every morning and tell myself what my day will be like. It is not a prediction. It is a declaration. I do this through Spirit Mind Treatment. I do not specify details, but I do demand that I keep a certain consciousness no matter what I am confronted with. For example, I might meditate on the idea that I am strong today in my power. I love the affirmation “my day is unfolding perfectly. I might state that am clear and know exactly what to do in every situation, that my decisions come quickly. Why does this method work?

Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit once wrote, “Could we but comprehend the fact that there is a Power that makes things directly out of itself by simply becoming the thing it makes, could we but grasp this greatest truth about life and realize that we are dealing with a Principle scientifically correct and eternally present, we could accomplish whatever it is possible for us to conceive.”

I must become the thing I want to create in my life. This means I must become the consciousness of it, whether it is prosperity, creativity, health, or great relationships. I am a sort of shapeshifter of consciousness (a person who can change his/her consciousness at will).

Beginning in the consciousness of love and power, I will know how to deal with any challenge that shows up, because I will know that I am greater than any effect or experience. Challenges are effects or experiences.

This last month I have had many experiences that called me to be greater than the moment and circumstances. I experienced three deaths. I experienced many calls for help every day. I have had to make decisions that called for courage and belief in myself. I’ve had what might be disappointments. I do not think that a day has gone by during the month of December when there wasn’t something that I had to respond to from a higher perspective.

I am grateful for that meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment that I give myself every morning because I know that it has led the way to me becoming more of the person that I want to be, as I move into 2020. I’ve heard people say that in 2020 things are going to get worse. For me, I cannot affirm that? It might, as I stated above, be in the subjective field, but I have the opportunity right now to claim the opposite, to be the opposite right now. I must be clearer than I’ve ever been because it seems that we are in the middle of a shift of consciousness. I feel that I am being called upon to step up into my future self now with clarity and purpose.

In my blog yesterday, I told you about my experience on the catamaran, when half my family got sick and the other half had a great time. As I sat in the middle of both these worlds, I could not experience either world because I couldn’t choose to free myself from one or the other and create my own experience. This is the way life is. It pulls us along until we decide to take the steering wheel of consciousness and claim what we want to experience. I might not be able to stop the ocean waves from swelling and tossing my boat, but if my foundation is strong enough I can maneuver my way through any storm in which I find myself.

My question to you today is how are you meeting your future? If your future is now, then who is that self that is experiencing it? Do you find yourself stuck in some concept of a karma that you are living out, or do you understand that what you are today does not have to be your past? Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote, “As long as you are thinking equal to your environment, your personal reality is creating your personality and there is a dance between your inner world and the experience in the outer world and that tango is called karma.” Are you thinking equal to your environment, creating more of the same for tomorrow or are you remembering who you truly are and trusting that Law of your being to bring you those experiences that continue remind you of your true self.

I am more and more understanding the gift in the challenge to rise above my environment. I am also understanding that just when something seems like a dark passage, it might be a necessary passage for my strength to rise. I am creating my future self in every moment: every time, I face a challenge and rise above it, every  time I fall and get back up again, every time I am grateful for the day and all the experiences I have, every time I am able to let go of the past and create anew.

Ernest Holmes also wrote,  “Life is a blackboard upon which we consciously or unconsciously write those messages which govern us. We hold the chalk and the eraser in our hand but we are ignorant of the fact. What we now experience we need not continue to experience, but the hand which holds the eraser must do its neutralizing work.”

Our next step in evolution is conscious evolution. Many are realizing that our current state of affairs is a call for us to begin to think in new ways, to stop repeating the past. We are in a rich new cycle of life. We are rising out of the darkness into a lighter way of living because we realize that we are the masters of our fate. Our future selves are looking back at us with big smiles on their faces, saying “Congratulations, you made it! You won! You remembered who you are!”

If you could give yourself a gift as this old year falls away, I would write a letter to yourself from your future self. Let he or she tell you exactly who you have become. Do not leave anything out. Dream big. Change what you want to change. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and shifts and upgrades. There is no obstacle to large for the Power that is within you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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