A New Story

What are you still carrying into this moment that no longer serves you? I’ve been asking myself that question. Ernest Holmes once wrote, that “our thoughts go out from us and then return to us as a memory.” This is a double-edged sword. Of course, there are many memories that our pleasant and make us smile. They stir up love within us and bring a smile to our face. And then, there are those memories that need to be discarded. How do we keep some and let go of others? I do not believe we can stop remembering, but we can let go of our attachment and the emotions that any particular memory evokes.

There is a story about two monks that I read today on a blog that  Dr. Petra Weldes of CSL Dallas wrote.  In the story, the two monks were traveling and come across a angry woman standing before a large puddle with her servants. She couldn’t cross the puddle without getting her dress wet and she was yelling at her servants to help her. They couldn’t help because they were afraid to put her belongings down in the mud. As the two traveling monks came upon this scene, one monk passed the woman by; the other monk picked her up on his back and carried her across the puddle, putting her down on the other side, while she yelled at him and complained, not even saying thank you. The two monks continued to walk and finally the other monk couldn’t stand it any more. “That woman back there was very rude and angry and yet you carried her and then she never said thank you! How can you do that?” The monk simply replied, “I put that woman down by the puddle back there. Why are you still carrying her?”

Ah, yes. How true this is with the stories we tell ourselves and everyone else over and over and over. We hold onto the emotion and create even greater tales. Did you know that as we do this, we are broadcasting to the Universe that we want more of the same? This is a feeling Universe and we have scientifically proven that it brings back to us more of what we feel strongly about. We get addicted to those emotions and we crave them, we look for experiences that will stir them up again. Voila! The Universe is glad to oblige. What do you feel strongly about? IF we look at our lives, we will answer that question clearly.

As for me, I am working on clearing my old stories that do not serve me. I won’t have room for my new stories of dream if I am still holding on to my old ones. How do I do this? I use a spiritual practice called Spiritual Mind Treatment. It is our form of prayer in the Science of Mind and Spirit.

Here is a definition by Ernest Holmes, “A prayer is a movement of thought in the mind of the one praying along a definite line of meditation that is for a specific purpose.” It’s free. I can do it myself. It is guaranteed to work if I am willing to surrender my efforts to the Law of my being.

So, I recognize that Power greater than my story, the very Cause of Life that moves through all of creation and all stories, the very breath that is breathing me and everything into life. I recognize my identity in that Power and as that Power. God/Source is all of me. The Power is Love and Love is a Cosmic Force that’s sweep is irresistible. And then, something wells up in me which is the realization that I can declare the truth about myself – my true story of health, prosperity, loving relationships, a creative life. I am safe, guarded, guided, protected. Whatever is past no longer has hold on me because I am present with Love and Law right here. I move into a state of gratitude for everything that I know is now transpiring in the invisible Field and is moving into physical manifestation right now.

And, the most important part is letting it go. There is a Field of Energy that we are impressing in every moment.  It is conscious of our every thought and when we are conscious of it, it moves in us in any direction we give it. This happens because we are it. One Field of Energy connects us all and moves those things to us by moving them through us according to our thoughts and beliefs backed by feeling.

Spiritual Mind Treatment gives us a way to direct this Field of Energy. It gives us a way to clear what is not serving us and allows us to embrace that which we desire. We have to be clear. We have to be direct. We have place our loving demands on the Universe sometimes. We have to let go. We have to surrender. We are changing our consciousness. We are clearing the way to our destiny.

As we enter, 2020, let us keep our vision clear on our true story. We are magnificent. We are powerful. We have everything we require to live our true story. We are clear for takeoff!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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