No Dogma; Only Freedom

The Philosophy and Faith that I live my life by, The Science of Mind and Spirit, allows me complete freedom. It teaches me of my Power as a Divine Being, a piece of God, made of God Stuff, Infinite Intelligence  and with all the attributes of God, First Cause. The most significant of these is my power to choose in every moment what I will think and what I will believe and how I will act. I know I am free in every moment to change for change is inevitable; but there is something that is changeless within me that operates through me, and that is the Law of my Being that gives me back exactly what I put out.

My Philosophy has no dogma. What is dogma? It is defined as, “a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.” I am my own authority. I am free to choose what is right for me in every moment. In fact, I know that as long as what I choose hurts no one, that I am guaranteed beautiful outcomes that will blossom from my choosing. The Universe is unlimited, and I am the only one who might or might not be limited in my thinking.

Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i is founded on the Science of Mind and Spirit and the principle of Volition or Choice. It informs the people that celebrate together, its Ohana, that they have the opportunity for unlimited experiences, abundance, health, creativity and loving relationships because of who they are – Divine! It informs them of their freedom.

There is no where in my Philosophy that states that people should do this and not do that. There are no commandments. There is no forcing anyone to God or to do something against their will. We do not give advice, nor do we judge others for their choices. In fact, we know that every experience is a journey back to ourselves and that there is always good in everything.

My Philosophy and Faith is one of Love. It teaches me to love everyone, to release my ego attachments to outcomes and to be at peace with myself. It teaches me that everything begins in the unseen Field of Energy and all experiences are effects that can be changed when the Cause (my mind) changes in regards to the experiences.

I know that the Law of Cause and Effect is unwavering and that it has no favorites. It doesn’t say you are good and you are bad, so you get this and you don’t. Instead, it is neutral and only says “yes.”  The Spirit or Divine Presence is one of Love, and in the depths of me that is all there is.

My Philosophy teaches me that I am at the helm of my own destiny ship. I am steering it, and at any time, I can change direction, if I come to believe there is a better way for me to live or if the direction I am going in is not serving me.

My Philosophy, which I have practiced for over 20 years, has brought me freedom. It has brought me a better life. It has kept me “open at the top.”  It has taught me to be more loving, compassionate and to have more love for myself. It has kept me in integrity with myself and others.  I am grateful for the Science of Mind and Spirit, especially now when there is so much of a need for me to stay grounded and steady in this world. When I do the work that is mine to do, I get the results that I seek. The exciting thing is I never know how the outcome will unfold. That is the miracle, and I trust it, now more than ever.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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