Understanding the Journey


Today is the last day of the Sacred Journey of the Visionary 2020. I am grateful for these seven days. So much has transpired, and it has been nothing like what I had expected it to be. Surprise would be its middle name.

I would say it is the most difficult Journey we’ve facilitated, while at the same time being the simplest. We have held space for what began as 20 souls traveling to the Island and emerging from the Island to join us. We finish the journey today with 11 journeyers here with us.

All those who have departed or didn’t begin at all have left for various reasons.- choices that needed to be made because of various life experiences and challenges. Priorities called and the Journey was left behind. However, they are not left behind in my heart. I know they are each right here because there is only one Journey and we are all on it no matter how far or close we are in physical distance from each other. I respect each person’s journey.

And yet, there were times when I wanted to control those individual journeys, either by forcing my will or wanting something different for each person. I wanted to know that what we had created was needed, respected and accepted. I didn’t want them to suffer in any way. Now I see that is a very unsatisfying road to travel down. It’s similar to giving someone a Spiritual Mind Treatment. I give the Treatment, but my responsibility is not to make anything happen for anyone. This is where the Law of our being comes in. The answer to the Prayer is always perfect for each individual.

The reading today in the Science of Mind was all about how the Universe gives everything and it is our job to receive. We can only receive what we are open to receive because of where and who we are at the time. It is our Journey to open up to more and more of an Infinite Universe that is looking for an outlet to pour through. This reading assisted me today to understand that I am only responsible for my Journey. It also assisted me to know that every Journey is perfect right where it is. Although I might think someone’s journey is not unfolding in my idea of perfection, that journey is perfect for that person right where they are.

This releases me from any people-pleaser that might be left in me. It also gives me the strength to know that all is well. I have given what is mine to give to the best of my ability. I am free and those I love are free also.

It reminds me of a labyrinth walk, a metaphor for life and wholeness. We are all on the path traveling to our Center. There is one road, but the way we experience it creates different roads for each of us. We pass people by. We turn in direction. We walk slowly. We walk more quickly. We experience life from where we are consciously. When we come together with like-minded people, we are still all unique.

Nothing can take our uniqueness away from us. We were born with volition and choice. The Universe is both mechanical and spontaneous. Our consciousness is the spontaneous part and the Law of our Being makes sure we get exactly what is ours because it is the mechanical part. I trust the flow of life and the Journey we each choose. Knowing that we are always at choice releases me and frees me.

May your Journey be a peaceful one, an expanding one and an easy and graceful one. If there are challenges, may they turn to wisdom, as you travel on. I know we are all always, guarded, guided and protected by an Infinite Divine Mind, a Loving Presence that is the very breath we breathe.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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