A Swami Healing


Yesterday was the last day of our Sacred Journey of the Visionary. We finished and held our closing ceremony at the Hindu Monastery of Kauai`i.  We were honored to have our yearly visit with Sadasivanathaswami, who so generously spoke with us and took us to the Holy Temple that is being built there. He shared his desert garden and monument for the Temple builders. We stood inside the Temple near the inner sanctum and chanted. The day ended with the burying of our time capsule to the future in the Rudraksha Forest. It will be opened 100 years from now. Inside are our intentions for the future and the individual messages that we each gave.

That is a summary of yesterday, but going deeper than that I learned something powerful from the Swami. As we compared philosophies focusing on our similarities and not our differences, I asked him about the Hindu modality of healing. We shared Spiritual Mind Treatment with him. His first answer was “The time is short and the subject is vast.” We all laughed because that is so true about most everything. Then, he made a quick reply that loving the person and everything they were experiencing was the healing way.

However, I awakened to the fact that he had already answered my question, as I looked at the woman sitting beside him at the table.  She had just had a health episode before we started. She was recuperating, as she joined the group and he immediately took her under his wing. In the most loving and light way, he made sure she sat next to him. He offered her water. He spoke directly to her giving her positive affirmations about her contributions to the discussion and everything we did that morning. He drove the motor cart and made sure she was in the cart with him. In essence, he gave her love. At one point she was bending down and weeding one of the gardens with him. She was healed. I witnessed her response and the rejuvenation of her Spirit.

As Ernest Holmes wrote, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible. The Swami was that Cosmic Force in this woman’s life yesterday. I could feel it.

I am so grateful for this moment of Truth that I witnessed. It made me conscious of all the times that I could just give love in answer to anything and anyone. It is a simple gift that is ours to give. There is no separation between us in the One Mind and we can give this gift from any place to any place no matter where the person or people are. As we love one person, that love is felt everywhere. I felt it yesterday as it was given by the Swami to this particular woman.

If we could do anything today in regards to these challenging times, I would say, just give a little more love wherever we are planted, right where we are, with whom we are with. Remember that song, “Love the One You’re With…” It’s healing!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “A Swami Healing

  1. LOVE is the ANSWER! So simple. My mind just wants to complicate things so it has something to do. When I’m able to manage my thoughts to only focus on the Good, the Love – my life flows with ease and grace. Gratitude abounds!
    Mahalo Rita,
    ( said as one word sounds a little like a cocktail of gratitude)
    I’ll have a large MahaloRita thank you!


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